• 04 mars 2015
    Our idea of “secure” should reflect the reality that there will always be threats and vulnerabilities. The first step to ensure your online safety is to be aware about the different kinds of threats. Find out what you can do to prevent online abuse.
  • 29 janvier 2015
    The Internet is designed to connect people and provide information. As such, parents and guardians should ensure that their children’s safety and privacy online is well-preserved. See why it’s important to be more aware of online privacy and safety.
  • 27 novembre 2014
    This shopping season, we rounded up the year's most sought-after gift items and ran them through our Smart Protection Network to find threats tied with the search results. See what you should watch out for over the holidays.
  • 26 septembre 2014
    Nine widespread scams that you're most likely to encounter on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, how they work, and tips on how to avoid them.
  • 25 juillet 2014
    The most common cybercrime scenarios that users need to be wary of, and how to avoid them.
  • 29 mai 2014
    Unlike the generations before them, the kids of today are more connected to the Internet, and have access to an unimaginable wealth of knowledge just by tapping on a screen. But in reality, the Internet isn’t all that child-friendly.
  • 25 avril 2014
    Are you a digital hoarder? Unnecessary files can strain on your computer’s memory. But there are ways to rid your life of digital clutter. You can start by taking account of those things you use to access and exchange digital information.
  • 29 janvier 2014
    The new threats that users must be aware of in order to remain safe from cybercrime in 2014.
  • 13 décembre 2013
    When you think your avatar is all that outsiders can see on you gaming profile, think again. With today’s advanced online gaming consoles, the information you’re sharing might blur the line between reality and the virtual reality you’re playing in.