Espionage as a Service: A Means to Instigate Economic Espionage

28 novembre 2016

Economic espionage should not only concern nation-states; any company, regardless of size, is at risk of losing intellectual property to attackers and rivals. What can enterprises do to defend against these attacks?


  • 12 octobre 2016
    Ransomware has already raked in around US$209 million from enterprises alone in the first quarter of 2016. Unfortunately, it's just one of the many possible threat types that exploit kits can deliver to vulnerable systems.
  • 07 septembre 2016
    Cybercrime as a service (CaaS) in Deep Web forums puts cybercriminal tools and services in the hands of more threat actors, including ones that target large enterprise networks. This is a matter that IT administrators need to be ready for.
  • 20 novembre 2014
    Relying on a social network site’s privacy settings is just the start, but there are other ways your personal information can leak out. Addressing these potential privacy risks can help you protect your data.
  • 29 mai 2014
    Unlike the generations before them, the kids of today are more connected to the Internet, and have access to an unimaginable wealth of knowledge just by tapping on a screen. But in reality, the Internet isn’t all that child-friendly.
  • 25 avril 2014
    As you spend more time online—whether you’re sharing your thoughts, photos, stories, or simply browsing pages—you reveal more data than you think. Your normal browsing activities can actually become the very thing that violates your own privacy.
  • 25 avril 2014
    Are you a digital hoarder? Unnecessary files can strain on your computer’s memory. But there are ways to rid your life of digital clutter. You can start by taking account of those things you use to access and exchange digital information.
  • 24 février 2014
    If you think how you’re using your mobile device is secure enough, you may want to reconsider. You may be guilty of doing things that are jeopardizing your own security every time you're on your tablet or smartphone.
  • 24 février 2014
    What you need to know about mobile privacy, and what you need to do to prevent cybercriminals from getting to the files and information on your mobile device.
  • 17 janvier 2014
    Getting a new computer or smartphone is always exciting, but do you know what to do with your old one? Remember that the information stored in your old devices can still be recovered, and can compromise security.