Internet Safety for Kids and Families 

Let’s build a safe, responsible digital community.

Everyone has a role in ensuring cyber safety.

What’s yours?

Keeping our kids safe and responsible

Your kids have grown up using computers and cell phones. But though they may seem to know it all, kids are particularly vulnerable to online dangers.

Through our Internet Safety for Kids and Families program, we help prevent and address online risks and teach good digital citizenship.

Lynette Owens

Meet our digital
citizenship expert

Lynette Owens, a pro-technology parent, online-safety advocate, and tech blogger, founded the Internet Safety for Kids and Families program to raise awareness and educate people about the safe and responsible use of the Internet.

“What's Your Story?” video contest

In the “What’s Your Story?” video contest, every year kids from all over the world share what it means to be a good citizen in the digital age.  And you can too.

If you’re a kid, you probably spend a lot of time socializing online - but unfortunately that comes with certain risks. By becoming aware of these risks, you’ll be better able to make safe, responsible decisions.