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About ISKF

Kids are growing up in a world where being online is a normal part of daily life. Kids may appear to be technology pros, but they’re particularly vulnerable to online risks from viruses and ransomware to threats on social media, fake news, and cyberbullying.

About ISKF

Since 2008, our ISFK program has been teaching good digital citizenship and helping parents, teachers, and youth around the world prevent and address online risks. We offer free educational events through partnerships, volunteerism, grants, and donations. And we are excited to share free resources and insights from our in-house ISKF Expert, Lynette Owens.


ISKF has grown significantly. We are now active in 19 countries with sessions evolving from face-to-face events to online e-learning modules for parents, educators, and students of all ages.

Cyber Academy, the most recent project, received excellent feedback from our youngest digital citizens, and even their teachers, who love the discussions, animated videos, quizzes, and activity sheets.

Impact by the numbers

  • 778,444 students reached
  • 2,356,010 parents reached
  • 4,470 entries for the What's Your Story? video and poster contest across 13 countries
  • 25,312 events hosted
  • 1,367 Trend volunteers

Free Resources

Free Internet Safety Series for kids ages 7-10

Engaging animated videos, conversation guides, Kahoot! quizzes, and fun homework activities on internet safety from our Cyber Academy.

Managing Family Life Online webinar series

Hosted by Lynette Owens, our ISKF expert, the series cover gaming, bullying, social media, and more.

Join our next internet safety event

Free internet safety talks for parents and educators around the world. Sign up to get notifications of events in your area.

Internet Safety Blog


Local events

Our highly qualified internet safety advocates educate and empower communities to be safe and responsible while connecting online. We work with schools, youth centers, sports teams, foster parent associations, and other key community groups, reaching 32,450 schools and 2,356,010 parents.

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What’s Your Story? competition

The annual video and poster contest, What’s Your Story?, showcases the positive use of technology and empowers young people to champion online safety and responsibility. Youngsters from all over the world of varying ages address a specific question in the form of a video or a poster, targeting as wide an audience as possible with their message. An independent panel of judges determines the winners.

Established in 2011 in USA and Canada, the contest covers Ireland, UK, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, the Philippines, Egypt, Czech Republic, Poland, and will soon include the Swiss Alps, Italy, and Mexico.

Nearly 5,000 students have participated so far inspiring though-provoking discussions around the world.

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