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Author: Hara Hiroaki (Customer Technology Specialist)

Noodle RAT: Reviewing the Backdoor Used by Chinese-Speaking Groups

This blog entry provides an analysis of the Noodle RAT backdoor, which is likely being used by multiple Chinese-speaking groups engaged in espionage and other types of cybercrime.

Jun 11, 2024

Author: Sunil Bharti (Senior Threat Researcher), Shubham Singh (Threat Researcher)

Commando Cat: A Novel Cryptojacking Attack Abusing Docker Remote API Servers

We analyze a cryptojacking attack campaign exploiting exposed Docker remote API servers to deploy cryptocurrency miners, using Docker images from the open-source Commando project.

Jun 06, 2024

Author: Darrel Tristan Virtusio (Threat Analyst), Nathaniel Morales (Threat Analyst), Cj Arsley Mateo (Threat Analyst)

TargetCompany’s Linux Variant Targets ESXi Environments

In this blog entry, our researchers provide an analysis of TargetCompany ransomware’s Linux variant and how it targets VMware ESXi environments using new methods for payload delivery and execution.

Jun 05, 2024

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