Cyber Security

Protect patient data, devices, networks and meet healthcare regulations

The threat landscape

With ransomware and other advanced threats on the rise, the authoraties warns that healthcare companies are prime targets for hackers, and cautions that medical devices need improved security as compliance regulations are getting more complex.

  • Worldwide, 57% of healthcare organisations have recently been hit by ransomware
  • 25% had to completely stop their operations; 60% suffered from disruptions

Key cybersecurity challenges for healthcare

Phishing expand_more

The #1 attack vector in healthcare

Phishing is still the preferred method of attack by hackers. Most phishing campaigns are spread through emails containing malicious links. The messages in these mails are very convincing, often related to a well-known medical problem to encourage the recipient to click on the link.

In addition, the growing number of endpoints (mobile devices, IoT applications and connected medical devices) increases the attack surface of phishing campaigns, making central visibility essential to keep your patient data safe.

Ransomware Attacks expand_more

The biggest threat to your organization

Stolen data, breached systems, hijacked accounts … In healthcare, ransomware attacks have a direct impact on the real world. In the worst cases, system failures can lead to cancelled operations, putting patients’ lives at risk. Recovery from an incident can take a long time.

Protection against ransomware not only minimizes the risk of having to pay ransom, but also increases compliance and reduces reputational damage to your organization.

Data Breaches expand_more

Protect your patients’ valuable data

Whether your patient information resides on the network, in the cloud/data center, or on your devices/endpoints, you need central visibility to keep your data safe and private. The solution is a cybersecurity platform that allows you to consolidate visibility, analysis and controls.

Lack of Knowledge & Resources expand_more

Prevention is better than cure

A small IT team, lack of knowledge & resources, a dispersed environment… Most healthcare institutions struggle with the same issues. That’s why automation is a vital asset for your cyber security.

An Extended Detection & Response solution consolidates your security tools and helps you navigate alerts in your day-to-day operations. It automatically identifies advanced malware and suspicious network activity, ensuring your IT team is optimally equipped to respond before a threat can become a problem.

EU NIS2 Directive expand_more

Get ready for NIS 2

An updated version of the NIS directive will be implemented starting in 2025. This will have a big impact on the healthcare industry, as the security regulation targets all critical services, including hospitals and healthcare facilities. To be compliant, your organization will need a variety of measures such as detection & response, awareness training and remediation plans.

To help you prepare and understand the implications for your organisation we discuss potential legal implications of NIS2 directive and explore from the standpoint of a CIO and an auditor respectively.

Trend Micro as a partner for healthcare services

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How ransomware and supply chains are putting patients at risk

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Identify advanced malware, suspicious inbound, outbound, and internal network activity, attacker behavior and deliver custom sandbox analysis to detect advanced malware.

Hybrid cloud

As budgets shrink and productivity needs increase, more data is moved into virtual and cloud environments. Whether your data is kept in the data center, virtualized environments, in the cloud, or all of the above, we can help.

Endpoints and mobile devices

Healthcare organisations have many different endpoints, mobile devices and an evolving “Internet of Things” connected to the networks. Get interconnected, multi-layered security for any user on any device using any application in any environment with integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Security for Office 365

Many healthcare organisations are making the move to Office 365 to achieve the benefits of the cloud.

Supplement Office 365 security to add the extra layer of protection you need to keep your patients safe.

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