Secure End Of Life Systems

Patch management is a fundamental component for handling vulnerabilities

The world is changing at a rapid pace and so does the demand to keep businesses running and operating at peak efficiency. As aging platforms and operating systems reach End-of-Life, they become increasingly difficult and expensive to keep current.

Running a legacy system comes with risks when vendors stop providing technical support and bug fixes that may impact the usability and stability of the servers. Often leaving crucial vulnerabilities unpatched and therefore leaving the entire environment vulnerable for exploits.

Managing transitions when operation systems reach their life end is a complex and important decision and shouldn’t be rushed since it impacts the whole business. Upgrading the operation system may not be possible, investing in extended security licenses is costly and migrating to the cloud is a big undertaking that needs to be done right. So, in the meantime, to avoid misconfigurations and security gaps, proper and automated patch management is more crucial than ever.

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