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Deliver modern security operations services with our industry-leading XDR

The power of Trend Vision One

Whether you are just getting started or looking to supercharge your SOC services, our end-to-end solution enables service providers to deliver an exceptional experience for their customers. See how our partners are transforming their businesses to provide the modern security services their customers need with the power of Trend Vision One.

Reach your business objectives

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  • Generous margins
  • Low investment to get started
  • Seamless onboarding
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Cutting-edge technology

  • Easily support multiple clients with multi-tenancy
  • Industry-leading XDR technology
  • Hybrid XDR approach with both native and open APIs
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Speed to market

  • Leverage our expertise and teams to be quickly up and running
  • Seamless onboarding and procurement
  • Grow and expand your customer base with support from our partner team

Upscale to beat the competition

Set yourselves apart from the competition with our turn-key solutions

Why Trend?

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  • Automates and accelerates your response across multiple security vectors
  • Integrates with hundreds of third-party vendors for your ultimate flexibility and adaptability
  • Provides a single source of truth for your customers’ security environments
  • Prioritizes critical vulnerabilities and reduces false positives

Next-generation threat detection and security technology

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  • Respond faster and with more confidence to determine which clients are at the most risk
  • Enable your security analysts to focus on the most strategic work thanks to our robust integrations
  • Take advantage of our targeted attack detection sweeps to proactively identify erroneous activity across your customers’ environment and stop attacks
  • Patch Zero Day vulnerabilities virtually before anyone else

Simplicity and improved security outcomes

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  • Reduce the requirement to build custom solutions for customers
  • Leverage our end-to-end offering
  • Improve your MTTR (mean time to respond, resolve, repair, recover) with less downtime for the customer

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Propel business objectives with XDR

According to ESG, organizations with Trend Micro XDR:

  • Are 2.2x more likely to detect an attack
  • Save up to 79% in security costs
  • Improve response time by 70%
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Leader in Forrester Wave™

Trend Micro is Named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Q4 2021

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Market-leading performance

Named a leader in the Forrester Wave™­ Endpoint Detection and Response, Q2 2022

Ranked #1 in the protection category for ensuring early prevention in the attack life cycle