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Don’t let inefficient tools and processes hold you back

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Need to prioritize?

The volume of alerts is overwhelming, making it difficult to quickly and effectively weed through the noise to find critical events and the most pressing priorities. False positives waste even of your limited time. Reducing dwell times isn’t easy when detection is slow, investigations are cumbersome, and you have limited direct response options.

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Are your tools helping or hindering?

You have security tools and technologies in place, but you still have significant gaps in what you can see and do. Too many security teams invest in a collection of siloed detection solutions that don't work well together, creating more problems instead of solving them.

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XDR is maturing, changing perceptions, and delivering value

ESG surveyed 374 IT and cybersecurity professionals in North America involved with security operations technology and processes. Here are the key XDR findings:

  • 97% increase in overall security posture
  • 95% reduction in investigation times
  • 92% improvement in SOC team collaboration


Trend Vision One changes the game...

Trend Vision One cybersecurity platform offers comprehensive XDR capabilities so you can improve SOC efficiency and drive business value fast. Equip your security teams with advanced capabilities across attack surface management, detection, investigation, and response.

earlier threat

Earlier threat detection 

Native XDR sensors collect deep activity data across endpoint, server, workload, email, network, cloud, and identity – from both cloud and on-premises environments. Trend Micro applies sophisticated data stacking and machine learning to these rich sources to detect attacks, as well as provide early warning of potential incidents through predictive analytics.

Threat investigation

Precise threat investigation

Identifying critical incidents, prioritized by severity and scope of impact, is the fastest route to better security and business outcomes. Trend Vision One enables you to zero in on what needs attention by correlating lower-confidence activities into higher-confidence incidents, surfacing fewer, prioritized alerts.

faster response

Faster response

Quickly visualize the full attack story. XDR automatically pieces together and analyzes fragments of malicious activity, painting a complete picture across security layers. Maximize analyst productivity with streamlined response workflows leveraging end-to-end automation and orchestration.

improved operational efficiency

Improved operational efficiency

Leverage intuitive tools and AI assistance for deeper search tactics and techniques into specific indicators of attack (IoA) and indicators of compromise (IoC). Integrate third-party inputs with our API-friendly platform to deliver more data (firewall, vulnerability management, network, identity access management, SIEM, and SOAR) for analytical enrichment, as well as optimizing processes and workflows.

Propel business objectives with Trend Vision One™

According to ESG, organizations with Trend Vision One:


Average cost savings from improvement in customer churn


Reduction of dwell time


Average cost savings from alleviated risk exposure

Market-leading performance

Named a Representative Vendor in the Gartner 2024 Market Guide for Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave, Network Analysis and Visibility, Q2 2023

Trend Vision One™ Ranked #1 out of 59 Enterprise Solutions

The extended detection and response platform customers are raving about.

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Best relationship
Best relationship
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What customers say
"I like to be ahead of the game, so as a company we think about security early on. Trend Micro fits into that strategy well with their constant innovation."
Thomas Grane,
CIO/CHRO, Director of Technology and Organization

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Detection employed on individual security layers can alert to suspicious activity for that vector, the ability to automatically correlate events and related activities has been lacking. That is the power of XDR.


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