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Don’t let adversaries get the upper hand

An evolving threat landscape, a growing cyberattack surface, and complex security infrastructure can stand between you and the security outcomes you need.

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Empowering the SOC

Trend Vision One brings together XDR, threat intelligence, and attack surface management. This empowers the SOC with technology and services to drive greater operational efficiency and security effectiveness.

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Complete XDR coverage

Extend your detection and response capabilities across endpoint, servers, workloads, email, network, cloud, and identity. Ease the triage process and reduce dwell times with correlated alerts that quickly identify critical incidents. An interactive investigation view simplifies analysis and speeds up response, while easy search capabilities enable accessible, effective threat hunting.

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Powerful attack surface insights

Continuously discover and monitor cyber assets connected to your enterprise. Get a real-time view of the exposure and risk level associated with assets — including high-value identities. Coordinate informed and prioritized mitigation actions across ITOps and SecOps teams to reduce exposure and security incidents.

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Connected capabilities

Trend Micro empowers teams with a single platform to consolidate and enhance SOC tools, integrate solutions across your IT environment, and optimize workflows, automation, and orchestration efforts. Resolve longstanding challenges caused by point solutions while laying the groundwork for continuous added value, enhanced security, scalability, and performance.

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Managed services

Minimize resourcing constraints and maximize the contributions of SOC analysts with services, including MDR and incident response. Gain competencies and expertise from an industry leader with 30 years of security and threat knowledge. Outsource to alleviate overstretched teams and free up resources for other priority programs.

What customers say
"We now have greater visibility, detection, and response. We know our data is safe and if something happens, we have the forensics to determine what happened and recover fast.”
Bryan Joyce,
Senior Manager of Cybersecurity

Go further

Faster, more precise detection and response

XDR with Trend Vision One changes the game

Understand, prioritize, and mitigate cyber risk

Attack surface risk management with Trend Vision One provides broader visibility

Extend your team with Trend product and threat experts

Trend Service One maximizes your teams' efforts.

Join 500 million users

Stop adversaries faster