Trend Micro Cloud OneEndpoint SecurityDefend the endpoint at every stage

Diverse security, single solution

A full range of advanced endpoint security capabilities in a single SaaS solution with unified visibility and management.

The broadest threat

Smart, layered security that maximizes prevention, detection and response according to the types of endpoints in the environment.


Turn-key integrations connect with other security products and layers, threat intel, SIEM, orchestration and more.

System and Console Browser Requirements  

  • The SaaS management console and documentation site support several browsers

Agent Requirements and Supported Operating Systems

  • Agent Requirements vary by operating system

  • Trend Micro constantly supports new operating systems and versions, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris™, AIX, and Docker containers

  • As a SaaS solution we allow you to reap the benefits of the cloud with unlimited scale delivered with local, regional data center flexibility that you can choose for your organization

All the endpoint security capabilities you need in a single, high-performance solution

Not all endpoints are created equal. A single solution and console doesn’t have to mean a single set of security capabilities across your endpoint environment. With separate, optimized service options, Trend Micro Cloud One – Endpoint Security and Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Workload Security, you get the best of both worlds:

Operational efficiency of a lightweight agent with unified visibility and management across services

Full flexibility to deploy distinct capabilities according to your diverse endpoint security needs across user endpoints, cloud workloads, servers, VMs and runtime containers

Cloud One

Broadest security against all types of threats across all types of endpoint environments

With the Trend Micro Cloud One – Endpoint Security service, get timely protection against an ever-growing variety of threats.

  • Detect and block threats in real time, with minimal performance impact
  • Enable a full range of layered protection and detection capabilities, such as modern antimalware, ransomware protection, device control, host-based intrusion prevention, application control, and more
  • Leverage a solution to help you achieve role-based access controls and maintain regulatory and compliance requirements

Integrations that enhance the value to your organization

Siloed, disconnected solutions mean blind spots, alert overload, operational complexity, and security gaps. With Trend Micro Cloud One - Endpoint Security, you get the advantage of:

  • Integration with full-featured XDR and attack surface risk management
  • Turn-key integrations that connect with other protection products, threat intel, SIEMs, orchestration solutions, and more
  • Automated security deployment, policy management, health checks, and compliance reporting

Stop attacks and minimize business disruptions

Trend Micro Threat Research provides:

Global threat intelligence
continuously updated and correlated for automatic protection

Over 15 global research centers, including 450 internal researchers
and over 10,000 external researchers (Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative), delivering 24/7/365 threat prevention for the cloud

2.5 trillion events processed
per day across the network, emails, and files to stop malware, ransomware, vulnerabilities, faster

Industry recognition

What our customers say

Boom Construction

"The security transformation that Boom Construction has implemented with Trend Micro solutions has saved us invaluable time and millions of dollars of avoided business downtime."
Mohammed Ali Hosho, Senior IT Manager, Boom Construction

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