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Are you losing network asset visibility?

The network is the foundation of your IT environment, connecting users, devices, applications, and your overall network assets. Critical resources are everywhere – the public cloud to, private networks, and some are even still in corporate data centers and offices. When the network edge disappears, how do you stop harmful blind spots from spreading?

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A data surplus but limited insights

The network produces massive amounts of telemetry and alerts from deploying many security products, including intrusion prevention systems, next-gen firewalls, and access gateways. This complexity only makes it easier for threats like DNS tunneling to hide in your traffic. Siloed security layers deprive your team of the network’s full scope.

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The unique risks of ICS and OT

From production shutdowns and equipment damage to health and safety dangers, attacks on industrial control systems and operational technologies are a significant source of cyber risk.  What’s more, technology like programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and robots often have unique security requirements, protocols, and legacy OSes that lack purpose-built security solutions.


Gain an edge in cyber risk management


Network security is a critical part of the Trend One unified cybersecurity platform. Through contextualized alerts and analysis that provide greater visibility, we deliver high performance protection that is purpose-built for the entirety of your network environment, from the cloud to the data center to the factory floor.

Connect with Zero Trust

You need a new approach to meet the challenges posed by the blurring network edge. Trend One delivers real-time risk assessment of the connections between your users, devices, and applications with our secure access service edge (SASE) capabilities. Risk-based access control decisions autonomously made in real-time transform how identity is verified, reducing risk.

Deliver powerful protection

We know network performance is your first priority. From high calibre hardware for the most demanding data center to virtual appliances for your branch offices and SaaS-based solutions that integrate with AWS and Azure to simplify cloud operations, our range of products will never impede your network or complicate operations.

React to threats faster

Trend Vision One™ equips you with detection and response capabilities across multiple security layers. Network telemetry and detections provide insight into an attack for informed decision making, and link events through identities, endpoints, applications, firewalls, and other third-party solution integrations. Shedding light on hidden threats lets you detect and respond faster.

Protect industrial applications

Trend One empowers you to detect and respond to threats in both IT and OT environments. Our ICS and OT security solutions are purpose-built to protect legacy and modern systems, support the unique requirements of their protocols and ecosystems, and perform optimally in ruggedized environments.


The impact of blind spots


        of organizations admit having blind spots                    

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of organizations with a zero trust strategy have implemented SASE



of organizations say cyberattacks have impacted their supply chain

Trend Micro Research

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