Network Security

Expand the power of XDR with network detection and response


Powerful prevention. Extended detection and response.

Securing the network

Securing the network is foundational for a strong defense strategy. Quick and accurate detection and response are critical for the strategy’s success.


Trend Micro Network Security delivers network detection and response (NDR) to analyze contextual telemetry from high-risk, otherwise invisible parts of networks such as unmanaged assets and shadow IT deployments to make organizations more resilient to threats and attacks.

Focus on business growth

As part of the Trend One unified cybersecurity platform, Network Security and our XDR capabilities centralize and prioritize events more efficiently, so you can focus on growing your business, not complex tool stacks.

Powerful network security capabilities

Eliminate blind spots on the network

Increase visibility into network traffic to detect and protect unmanaged assets such as printers, IoT devices, and BYOD systems. This will reduce the risk that an unknown asset can be used to launch an attack on your IT environment.

See more and respond faster

Gain visibility into traffic moving north/south and east/west within a single device without the need to deploy multiple products. Deep insights are available through TLS Inspection that decrypts, inspects, and re-encrypts traffic while maintaining Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and strong performance.

High performance, automated protection

Stay resilient with high performance and automated protection that fits your hybrid environment. Secure your cloud environments with Trend Cloud One – Network Security, which applies shared intelligence leveraged from Trend Micro Research and the ZDI.

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Industry-leading threat research

Achieve faster time to protection against known, unknown, and undisclosed threats with Trend Micro (ZDI), the world's largest bug bounty program. In 2021, ZDI disclosed 63.9% of reported vulnerabilities – more than all other vendors combined.

Gain protection from all 3 zero-day threats: zero-day malware and URLs, zero-day vulnerabilities, and zero-day exploits.

Trend Micro Network Security helps you detect the unknown and protect the unmanaged by leveraging:

Network Vulnerability Protection

Protect against known, unknown, and undisclosed vulnerabilities in your network far beyond just IPS

Network Analytics

Runtime protection for workloads (virtual, physical, cloud, and containers)

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Zero Trust Based Access Control (SASE)

Runtime protection for workloads (virtual, physical, cloud, and containers)

Adaptive Solutions for Operations Technologies

Gain situational awareness across OT, IT, and CT

Market-leading performance

Leader in global vulnerability research and discovery since 2007

Certified by NetSecOpen for powerful performance and 100% security efficacy

Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave, Network Analysis & Visibility, Q2 2023

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