Are Incident Response Teams Really Necessary?

building an incident response team View primer: Building an Incident Response Team

Enterprises and large organizations face a plethora of security threats and are at risk of data breach incidents and targeted attacks. At present, it is no longer a question of “if” but “when” with regard to becoming a threat target.

Enterprises can, however, prevent threat actors from penetrating their networks and consequently stealing confidential data or their “crown jewels” by using robust security technologies and implementing security-related procedures.

A study indicated that the majority of enterprises consider securing data one of their top challenges.Targeted attacks, which are high-risk threats, aim to exfiltrate and transfer stolen data to an undisclosed location that threat actors manage. They remain undetected in target networks for a long period of time and laterally move within in order to gain access to valuable enterprise data such as intellectual property rights, trade secrets, and customer data.

To stay protected, enterprises must assume they have been compromised even before their IT administrators detect any malicious activity within their networks.

View the third part of The Enterprise Fights Back series of primers: Building an Incident Response Team


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