Trend Vision One™ Email and Collaboration Security

Stop phishing, ransomware, and targeted attacks on any email service including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

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Understand, communicate, and mitigate risk

Monitor employee risk levels in real-time with email user risk assessments, swiftly detect and respond to user-targeted threats, and implement email security and prevention measures to disrupt the attack chain and effectively mitigate risk.

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Gain flexible deployment and simplify compliance

Whether your email infrastructure is Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange™ on premises, or Google Workspace™, deploy email security while meeting data privacy and security requirements across email and collaboration applications.

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Streamline security operations and eliminate blind spots

Remove silos and visibility gaps by centralising management and analysis. This streamlines detections, risk posture, and mitigation across your messaging environment.

Run AI-powered protection

Fully integrated, robust defence against phishing, BEC, and account compromise to reduce remediation time bolstered by automated monitoring and response capabilities.

Identify anomalies in email

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Safeguard sensitive information and financial assets with AI-driven techniques, including writing style and language analysis, anomaly detection, and boosted trees. These abilities can stop irregularities and protect personnel from falling victim to email compromise and payment hijacking schemes. 

Track malicious behaviors

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Keep your inboxes safe with AI-powered email security for detecting suspicious language, analysing sender behavior, or clustering similar emails. Enhanced with advanced language modelling and algorithms (SVM, Text CNN, LLM) that can distinguish genuine messaging versus spam, run macros, and stop social engineering or downloaders.

Detect phishing intentions

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Enable AI-based analysis to identify threats and assign email scores. Automatically run linear ranking models like token-based N-gram TFIDF to analyse and capture content and text messages, with boosting ensemble technique to improve classification accuracy and auto-rule set to automatically detect up to 150K phishing URLs/day.

Scan fraudulent websites

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Provide real-time alerts for your IT team when employees interact with fake websites. Computer vision and Visual-AI system, can recognise, comprehend, and scan web content, forms, and images at exponential speed. Webpage analysis flags and scores high-risk elements by detecting, prioritising, and analysing phishing and BEC threats.


Protect email and collaboration apps across the ever-changing attack surface

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Protect against complex threats from email beyond those detected by cloud email services’ security. Powered by AI and sandbox malware analysis, Trend Vision One ™ – Email and Collaboration Security uncovers zero-day threats, BEC attacks, and advanced phishing techniques that built-in security can miss. Cover every angle with protection for hosted and on-premises email solutions.

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Scan files in real-time for threats and ensure compliance with data loss prevention wherever your users collaborate. 200+ pre-built, customisable compliance templates for Microsoft® OneDrive® for Business, Microsoft® SharePoint® Online, Microsoft® Teams, Dropbox™, Box™, and Google Drive at your disposal. Scan files shared remotely regardless of users' location to prevent infiltration through cloud file-sharing and messaging tools.

Break the attack chain expand_more

Improve visibility and management on any email service with Email and Collaboration Security.

  • Detect threats from additional attack vectors – endpoint, network, cloud, or third-party intelligence
  • Investigate suspicious events that can be missed and respond quickly from one platform
  • Proactively silence threats and disrupt attacks with Attack Surface Risk Management by continuous analysis of risky users, behavior, and events
What customers say
We now have greater visibility, detection, and response. We know our data is safe and if something happens, we have the forensics to determine what happened and recover fast.
Bryan Joyce
Senior Manager of Cybersecurity, Compugen

Enhance Email and Collaboration Security


Dramatically reduce your risk exposure with continuous attack surface discovery, real-time risk assessments and prioritisation, and automated mitigation actions


Get greater visibility, break down silos, and achieve faster and more precise detection.

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