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Greg Young

Vice President, Cybersecurity

Greg Young

Experience: 35 years in cybersecurity

Specialties: Securing networks, architectures, and data

About: Greg’s focus is enterprise-class security. He is keen on sharing the reality of security in larger organisations and how business can be done securely in those environments. As a research vice president with Gartner for 13 years Greg advised thousands of companies and governments on how to better secure themselves, evaluated and advised hundreds of security vendors, and has seen those same technologies successfully used, abused, put on a shelf, or pushed into a deep hole, never to be spoken of again.

At Gartner he led research for network security, threat trends, data centre security, cloud netsec and microsegmentation. He authored more than 20 Magic Quadrants for firewall, IPS, WAF, and UTM, and was Conference Chair for 4 Security Summits. Greg headed several large security consulting practices, was CISO for the Department of Communications, and served as chief security architect for a security product company. He was a commissioned officer in the military police and counterintelligence branch working as a certifier/accreditor at the national authority and received the Confederation Medal from the Governor General of Canada for his work with smart card security.

Greg was named in the “12 Most Powerful Security Companies” and as one of “100 Most Powerful Voices in Worldwide Security.” And, as he mentions too often, Greg was an extra in 2 episodes of Airwolf.

Experts in Action

If you want to learn about the latest trends and insights in the business security sector, tune in to Greg's bi-weekly Webcast, Trend Talks BizSec, where he and co-host Jon Clay share their expert opinions. You can also catch him on the Real Cyber Security Podcast, where he discusses the business of technology security.

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Lynette Owens

Vice President, Global Consumer Education and Marketing

Lynette Owens

Experience: 20+ years

Specialties: Internet safety for youth, families, and teachers, consumer security and AI transformation

Education: MBA, University of California, Berkeley; B.S. finance, Boston College

About: Lynette Owens is the founder and global director of Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids and Families program. The program has a mission of helping kids around the world become great digital citizens. Founded in 2008, the program has reached over 2.8 million students, parents, and teachers in 20 countries.

Lynette regularly speaks, blogs, and works with communities and school districts around the world. She has helped build a global force of hundreds of employee volunteers and a network of collaborations with NGOs, technology companies, schools, government, and law enforcement organisations. The group makes online safety, digital citizenship, and media literacy education a priority for every child.

Lynette is a National Association of Media Literacy Education board member, serves on the advisory committee of the Digital Wellness Lab, and serves on the advisory boards of INHOPE and U.S. Safer Internet Day.

Expert in Action

Lynette has spoken with several experts on a variety of topics in our Managing Family Life Online webinar series. The series includes topics such as dealing with screentime challenges, helping kids respond and build resilience to bullying and hate, and supporting kids with autism to use technology in safe and healthy ways.

She also shared advice for teachers on ways they can help defend against ransomware attacks directed toward their schools in TEACH Magazine.

Lynette makes the case for media and digital literacy education in her opinion piece in The Hill, “A post-pandemic wish: teach every child media literacy skills.”

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Jon Clay

Vice President, Threat Intelligence

Jon Clay

Experience: 27+ years in the cybersecurity space, 35+ in technology

Specialties: Cyber threat landscape, threat intelligence, advanced detection technologies

Education: B.S., electrical engineering, emphasis on computer engineering, Michigan State University

About: Jon uses his industry experience to educate and share insights on all Trend externally published threat research and intelligence. He delivers webinars, writes blogs, and engages customers and the general public on the state of cybersecurity around the world.

An accomplished public speaker, Jon has delivered hundreds of speaking sessions globally. He focuses on the threat landscape, cybercriminal undergrounds, the attack lifecycle, and the use of advanced detection technologies in protecting against today’s sophisticated threats.

Within Trend, Jon has held roles as sales engineer, sales engineering manager, training manager, product marketing manager, and director of global threat communications before becoming Vice President, Threat Intelligence.

Jon is a volunteer speaker for our Internet Safety for Kids and Families program. This experience has given him a broad technical background, an understanding of business security requirements, and an excellent understanding of the threat landscape. In his spare time, Jon enjoys fly fishing, fly tying, golf, tennis, and spending time with his family.

Expert in Action

Catch Jon Clay on his engaging biweekly podcast TrendTalksThreat, where he unpacks the latest cyber threats and Trend's cutting-edge research, streaming on both YouTube and Spotify. Don't miss out on more of Jon’s insights on the cybersecurity business sector in TrendTalksBizSec, a lively webcast he co-hosts with expert Greg Young, available exclusively on YouTube.

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Myla Pilao

Cybersecurity Expert

Jon Clay

Experience: 15+ years in cybersecurity and strategic communication

Specialties: Global communication of threat information, threat research

Education: MBA, National University, Singapore

About: Myla leads security research communications at TrendLabs, Trend’s Research and Development Centre. She heads the division of the company that monitors the security threat landscape, including high-profile attacks, like advanced persistent threats (APTs) and prevalent digital security threats to mobile, cloud, and critical infrastructure.

Myla oversees a team that monitors and manages critical incidents and developments in the threat landscape. She supervises the development of information assets supporting communication plans to broaden understanding of the threat landscape.

Myla contributes technical guidance in nation-building exercises related to the development of strategic cybersecurity frameworks. She’s shared her insights on digital threats and their real-world impact, along with countermeasure strategies for the computing public, in numerous public and media engagements in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

Myla is an active supporter of and advocate for the protection of children online. She also supports international movements that work on stopping the online commercial distribution of inappropriate images of children.

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David Chow

Chief Technology Strategy Officer

David Chow

Experience: 20+ years

Specialties: Digital transformation, cloud adoption, information security, security operations centre, incident response, threat hunting, security governance, risk and compliance, cyber modernisation in federal government

Education: MBA, George Mason University, B.S., chemistry, California Polytechnic University

About: David brings over 20 years of experience in the federal government to his role as chief technology strategy officer. His focus includes analysing, managing, and implementing technologies to assist with building and maintaining a global cybersecurity strategy. Much of his expertise stems from working alongside the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to modernise the agency's mortgage loan systems and mature its cybersecurity program. He served on a number of additional roles within the federal government, including executive and leadership positions at the Department of Transportation and the White House. Prior to joining Trend, David demonstrated success in accelerated digital transformation through secured cloud adoption as the global SVP on NextGen Solutions at CoreLogic, a FinTech data company. David is on the advisory board of George Mason College of Engineering and Computing.

Expert in Action

See David's insights on cloud challenges in the Department of Defence and federal government, and watch his digital modernisation talk on YouTube.

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Shannon Murphy

Global Security and Risk Strategy

Shannon Murphy

Experience: 10+ years in enterprise, consumer, and cybersecurity technology

Specialties: AI business transformation and adoption, AI fraud landscape, AI threat defence, executive cyber risk communications, technical storytelling, Zero Trust strategy road mapping, SOC modernization

Education: B.A. Communications, University of Ottawa; Dip. Communications, Algonquin College

About: Shannon brings a decade in enterprise, consumer, and cybersecurity technology experience across high-growth industries, focusing on the role of security in business and the workforce of the future. A subject matter expert in emerging security operations technologies including XDR, generative AI, exposure management and Zero Trust implementations, she is at the forefront of innovations that help organisations stay ahead of evolving threats. Shannon is a security champion for business leaders, helping organisations translate and validate the business value of a resilient risk posture and culture that puts security first. As a strategist, she works with cybersecurity leaders and partners to develop scalable solutions that address unique and emerging threat models.

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Eric Skinner

Vice President, Market Strategy

Eric Skinner

Experience: 25+ years in cybersecurity

Specialties: Cybersecurity innovation, threat detection and response, exposure management, artificial intelligence, cyber insurance, social engineering, identity and authentication

About: Eric helps shape Trend’s solution offerings, growth plans, and go-to-market approach, and is responsible for corporate acquisitions. Previously at Trend, Eric has been responsible for global product marketing. Prior to Trend, Eric held senior management positions in a healthcare mobile startup and at digital identity solutions provider Entrust as CTO and VP, product management. Eric’s experience covers advanced threat detection, endpoint and mobile security, detection and response approaches, artificial intelligence as applied to cyber security, and identity and authentication technologies. Eric is based in Ottawa, Canada.

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Mike Milner

Vice President, Cloud Technology

Mike Milner

Experience: 20+ years

Specialties: Cloud security, software supply chain, open source, developer security, artificial intelligence, orbital space system security

Education: B.A.Sc., Electrical Engineering

About: Mike has experienced the breadth of opportunities that technology and data intelligence have created. From founding a startup to fighting cybercrime for the Canadian government, he’s developed a deep understanding of the global security landscape and how the underground economy dictates hacks and drives breaches. A builder at heart, Mike loves to go hands-on with the latest technology both to understand its potential and to consider how it will impact society.

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Rachel Jin

Vice President, Product Management

Rachel Jin

Experience: 15+ years in cybersecurity

Specialties: Cyber risk, cybersecurity strategy, AI, product management

About: Rachel spearheads groundbreaking product initiatives, ensuring Trend remains at the forefront of security leaders managing cyber risk. She has held multiple global roles in product management at Trend over 15 years. Whether she’s shaping platform strategies or collaborating with customers, Rachel’s impact reverberates globally. Rachel is based in Dallas, Texas.

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