Analysis by: Christopher Talampas

 URL BLOCKING DATE/TIME: 12 Jan 2016 11:40:00 AM GMT-8
 DOMAIN: goalgoof.com

This malicious URL is related to the spam run that uses David Bowie as hidden keywords in the email code for its (spam) social engineering ploy. We found an estimated 1312 URLS which are under the following malicious domains:

  • {BLOCKED}lone.braiinpower.com
  • {BLOCKED}e.hamefeats.com
  • {BLOCKED}w.obamafdacoverup.com
  • {BLOCKED}t.alignpaly.com
  • {BLOCKED}p.boardguff.com
  • {BLOCKED}e.scamlati.com

Clicking the link on the spammed email redirects to the scam site http://{BLOCKED}e-o-rama.puub.info.