How Collaboration Between Private Orgs, Law Enforcement Can Take Down Cybercrime

The threat landscape is continuously evolving with the emergence of new technologies and security threats that target these platforms. Given how destructive attacks have become to both enterprises and users (which can result to data and financial losses), companies should rethink their security technologies, investments, and strategies. In 2014, we observed companies succumbing to data breach incidents and targeted attacks that damaged their brand which resulted in operational losses. 

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Combatting cybercrime requires collaborative efforts from both private industries like security vendors and police. For one, security researchers can actively provide the necessary threat intelligence or information needed by law enforcement to conduct their investigations. One of the possible ways to thwart attacks and detect intrusions early on is with a custom defense solution that can alert IT administrators of anything malicious happening in the network.

Trend Micro researchers have been collaborating with law enforcement agencies, aiding in their investigations in order to thwart cybercriminal operations and subsequently, prevent losses against users and enterprises. Recently, this collaboration between Trend Micro, the FBI, and other security companies played an important role in taking down the Beebone botnet.

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“Five years ago, Trend Micro had one arrest where we were engaged with law enforcement. Right now, we have two or three arrests per year that we’re engaged with and we’re actively working towards five to ten arrests per year, five years from now,” shares Martin Roesler, Senior Director of Forward Looking Research for Trend Micro.

Watch the video below to better understand the importance of collaboration between private institutions and public agencies to battle cybercrime. In addition, the said video sheds light on the challenges of cybercriminal investigations, in relation to law policies.


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