Royal Bank of Scotland Bankline Users Beware as Cybercriminals Target You

 Analysis by: Fjordan Allego

Fair warning to Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) customers using Bankline, RBS' Internet banking service. Our research show a recent spike in the number of spammed messages using RBS Bankline as subject and bait. Some of these spammed messages urge recipients to view a secure message from Bankline by clicking a link found in the message. Other spammed messages encourage users to click on a link that supposedly leads them to a voice message from Bankline.

In both messages, clicking on the link leads users to download a Trojan Trend Micro products detect as TROJ_INJECT.WJSP. The malware may possibly be involved in information theft when it is successfully installed on your computer. Both spam and Trojan mentioned in this report are blocked and detected by Trend Micro products.
 SPAM BLOCKING DATE / TIME: November 14, 2014 GMT-8
  • ENGINE:7.5
  • PATTERN:1104