OT Defence Console (ODC)

Industrial management console centralises asset security and maintenance

Organise information and avoid alert fatigue

The dashboard of OT Defence Console™ gives you a comprehensive, consolidated overview of activity on your ICS network. The overview is organised into alerts, assets, and incident events, enabling you to directly monitor security.

Gain an overhead view of your cyber situation

ODC provides visibility of all installed ICS assets in the OT environment, including how they’re connected. It lights up your shadow OT.

Easily manage a vast number of network nodes

ODC reduces time spent maintaining all deployed EdgeIPS™ and EdgeFire™ devices in your different facilities. Users can perform all node maintenance tasks remotely from ODC.


Enforce policy and manage IPS nodes by group

ODC delivers threat signatures to Edge series nodes, enabling a large number of nodes to easily be kept up to date.

Organise the OT protocol trust list by group

ODC gives administrators the ability to edit the OT protocol trust list to enable interactive interoperability between key production machine assets, and to deeply analyse L2-L7 networks by node group.


Virtual ODC is ready for your hardware

Virtual ODC manages a maximum number of nodes depending on system resources and based on checks it makes when node licenses are activated.

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