Centralised Management and Response

Centralised management with integrated security policy, response, and visibility


Threat remediation

Map vulnerabilities to Trend Micro threat intelligence, take immediate action to maximise security coverage, and remediate through vulnerability threat prioritisation.

  • Quickly optimise  network security with patches for active CVEs
  • Simplify policy decisions with threat intelligence
  • Enhance and improve compliance 

Advanced forensics

TippingPoint solutions automatically block known and undisclosed vulnerabilities from the network. Added forensic capabilities automatically forward unknown or suspicious indicators of compromise (IOCs) to Deep Discovery for in-depth sandbox analysis and remediation, all without altering policy or infrastructure.


Contextual awareness

Easily define and change security policies to fit business operations and respond to threats. Our TippingPoint Security Management System (SMS):

  • Detects and blocks traffic by country or region
  • Integrates with Active Directory (AD) for full visibility of compromised users, machines, domains, and groups


Visibility across your network security

Threat Insights expand_more

Full attack visibility

Gain visibility into the volume and severity of threats attacking your network. Threat Insights aggregates and collects threat data from TippingPoint, Deep Discovery, and third-party solutions to give you visibility into which attacks require immediate response and which were thwarted, allowing you to prioritise, automate, and integrate network threat information.

Prioritise security response expand_more

Proactive response and remediation

Through Active Responder, an automated response system, you can specify an action in response to a security event, ranging from directing a user to a self-remediation site, generating a trouble ticket, or – if the event is severe enough –moving to a secure VLAN or removal from the network.

Third-party integration expand_more

Seamless network visibility

SMS integrates seamlessly with other Trend solutions, as well as with SIEM, vulnerability management tools, and other complementary security solutions. Gain centralised visibility into your network to make informed decisions and take immediate action on any potential threats to infrastructure or data.

Market-leading performance

Leader in global vulnerability research and discovery since 2007

Ranked #1 in Gartner IDPS Market Share worldwide @ 23.5% share for 2020*

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