TippingPoint Threat Protection System

Go beyond next-gen IPS without compromising security or performance


Go beyond next-gen IPS

Detect and block attacks through preemptive threat prevention, threat insight and prioritisation, and real-time enforcement and remediation.

Defend the network from the edge, to the data centre, and to the cloud, leveraging machine learning to detect and mitigate threats.  


Performance scalability

Unprecedented security and performance for high-capacity networks with a scalable deployment model that includes the industry’s first 100 Gbps Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) in a 1U form factor, with the ability to scale up to .5Tbps (500 Gbps) aggregate in a 5U form factor.


Comprehensive threat insight and prioritisation

Gain complete visibility across your network with the insight and context needed to measure and drive vulnerability threat prioritisation. Deep inspection of network traffic identifies and blocks threats undetected by traditional security solutions.

On-box SSL inspection reduces security blind spots created by encrypted traffic.  

Flexible deployment and investment protection

With flexible deployment options that are easy to set up and manage through a centralised management interface, TippingPoint provides immediate and ongoing threat protection with out-of-the-box recommended settings.

  • Simplify security operations
  • Reassign licenses across TPS deployments without changing network infrastructure
  • Easily scale performance and security requirements with pay-as-you-grow licensing model

Market-leading performance

Leader in global vulnerability research and discovery since 2007

Certified by NetSecOpen for powerful performance and 100% security efficacy

What customers say
“Deep Discovery was a no brainer. It outperformed all competitors and was well-respected by Gartner. When Trend Micro purchased TippingPoint, we knew we had the best of both worlds.”
Frank Bunton
Vice President and CISO, MedImpact

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