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For over a decade, Trend Micro has been an AWS advanced partner. Boasting 15+ AWS competencies and designations, we consistently innovate with AWS and AWS Marketplace to provide timely, efficient cloud security to customers.

Global AWS Marketplace Partner of the Year (2022) expand_more

Trend was the proud recipient of the 2022 Global AWS Marketplace Partner of the Year award. Chosen by AWS experts, Trend met stringent criteria as the top AWS Marketplace Partner with substantial marketplace transactions.

AWS Competencies expand_more

AWS Competencies

Trend recognizes the importance of third-party validation, which is why we showcase our expertise through AWS Competency designations. The AWS Competency Program validates and promotes AWS Partners with proven AWS technical expertise and customer success – Trend currently holds 7 competencies.


  • Cloud Management Tools ISV Competency
  • DevOps ISV Competency
  • Container ISV Competency
  • Government ISV Competency
  • Healthcare ISV Competency
  • Security ISV Competency
  • Level 1 MSSP ISV Competency
AWS Managed Services expand_more

AWS Managed Services

Trend became the inaugural security partner in AWS Managed Services, which expedites enterprises’ cloud adoption and alleviates the daily management of cloud operations, including crucial security tasks supported by Trend.

AWS Security Experts expand_more

AWS Security Experts

Collaborating with global AWS field teams, our security experts assist organizations in AWS cloud deployment. This expertise extends to our cloud partner network, who include our solutions in their AWS-based offerings.

Trend Cloud Security

Rated 5-stars in AWS Marketplace based on reviews by AWS customers on the Trend Cloud One listing.

  • Helps you build and innovate on AWS securely, with automation and compliance. We’re the cloud security experts – so you don’t have to be.
  • Deploy only what you need to secure what you build from a centralized platform that offers unified visibility to help you secure your business critical applications.
  • Available on AWS Marketplace with convenient procurement options and AWS account integration.

Security solutions for your AWS environment

Cloud migration expand_more

Cloud migration

Efficiently protect cloud assets with a single, cloud-native solution. Enhance visibility and secure cloud environments consistently, utilizing numerous security controls and integrations within existing toolsets.

Cloud-native application expand_more

Cloud-native application

Automate security early in your build pipeline and throughout the cloud for complete threat visibility and protection. Utilize versatile security controls across your existing infrastructure, modern code streams, development toolchains, and multi-platform requirements.

Cloud operational excellence expand_more

Cloud operational excellence

Achieve real-time security with continuous assurance and visibility for your cloud infrastructure. Ensure your architecture is aligned to AWS best practices and industry compliance standards by empowering your teams to build better architecture while you grow and scale your business safely and securely.

AWS Marketplace

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