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State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest commercial bank in India. SBI provides a wide range of products and services to individuals, commercial enterprises, major corporations, and public institutions. SBI ranks among the 50 largest banks in the world, with assets of US$460 billion, more than 26,000 branches, and nearly 200 offices in 37 countries. The bank is experiencing significant growth and quickly consolidating its banking operations. SBI must manage significant growth and consolidation of its banking operations, while working with governmental programs and complying with regulations wherever it operates.

SBI has achieved optimal IT security across nearly 275,000 endpoints with 99% update ratio and minimal process downtime.

Mrutyunjay Mahapatra

DMD & CIO, State Bank of India

 State Bank of India (SBI)


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The rapid growth of SBI and its position as a top global financial institution has increased the regulatory and security challenges it faces. In addition, the financial sector overall is contending with major security issues, such as an exponential growth of cyberattacks.

SBI manages nearly 275,000 endpoints across 26,000 branches, many of them located in remote locations with unreliable connectivity. To increase efficiency and security in their growing operations, SBI needed preventive measures to secure its endpoints, networks and data centers. This required implementing a “Connected Threat Defense and Response Strategy” efficient enough to detect and block threats across all channels of the IT infrastructure.

The required solution needed to be a forward-looking enterprise-class security solution capable of scaling, that was able to meet the changing needs of the rapidly growing company. Additionally, the solution needed to help SBI meet regulatory requirements in all regions where it operates, addressing global security challenges and modern data center compliance requirements.


SBI required a cyber security partner with enterprise-level expertise, a global knowledge pool, and substantial resources to protect its IT infrastructure against the latest threats. The partner solution would have to integrate quickly with the bank’s IT ecosystem to deliver cutting-edge protection without impacting mission-critical system performance. It needed to combine easy management features, complete control over complex systems with multiple endpoints, and also save SBI resources. Trend Micro addressed these requirements.

Trend Micro and SBI collaborated to develop a comprehensive security solution, a suite with a multi-layered defense approach to secure endpoints, data centers, and the entire network. Trend Micro ensured that servers and endpoints were not vulnerable and would be defended against zero-day threats, breaches, and business disruptions by adapting virtual patching mechanisms. This meant a strong network defense strategy that could give 360° visibility had to be developed, as well as counter-measures to supplement traditional security strategies.


Trend Micro deployed powerful solutions to fully address the considerable challenges SBI faced, and met the primary objectives to ensure the foolproof security of endpoints, network resources and data centers.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ was enlisted for data center server protection. The solution delivers robust security capabilities for physical, virtual, and cloud servers in a single integrated platform. Its single dashboard allows continuous monitoring of multiple controls across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. And, centralized management with vulnerability shielding abilities saved SBI considerable time and resources.

Trend Micro™ ScanMail™ Suite for IBM® Domino™ was deployed at SBI to stop traditional threats such as spam and malware, and detect malicious URLs, highly targeted attacks, and advanced persistent threats (APTs) that can negatively impact business operations and the end-user experience.

Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™ was deployed at SBI to enable multi-layered endpoint protection. This solution secured all endpoints—physical and virtual—while simultaneously reducing the impact on endpoint resources. Additionally, an expandable modular architecture gave SBI the option to consolidate data protection and other security technologies into a single endpoint agent, deployed and managed from a central management console.


SBI and Trend Micro collaborated to ensure the bank’s IT infrastructure is protected from ongoing cyber-attacks, ensuring a secure banking experience for SBI customers. Since deploying its suite of powerful solutions from Trend Micro, SBI has achieved optimal IT security across nearly 275,000 endpoints, with 99% update ratio and minimal process downtime. Main benefits include:

  • Increased visibility. SBI gained visibility into potential security threats. Early threat detection helped the bank completely eradicate threats. Improved endpoint protection levels ensured high levels of regulatory compliance.
  • Lower security risks and costs. Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ provided SBI with host-based security capabilities such as “virtual patching,” which shields vulnerabilities in critical systems until an actual patch is available and deployed. SBI lowered costs, without the need for emergency patching and frequent patch cycles that caused system downtime, while also reducing risk from expensive breach disclosures.
  • Operational efficiency. SBI increased antivirus pattern update ratios to 99%, and rapidly detected and prevented threats. Further, increased data security enabled the bank to mitigate future expense risks related to heterogeneous protection systems support. Plus, simplified policy enforcement increased the performance on virtualized servers.
  • Ease of security management. Simplified and centralized management helped speed and mitigate incident responses. Management of the IT environment became more efficient through a centralized management solution, which provided a single, integrated interface. The interface manages, monitors, and reports across multiple layers of security.


As SBI continues to grow, they need comprehensive security solutions for compliance and protection to stay ahead of sophisticated attacks and manage growth. SBI can build on the forward-looking enterprise-class security solution provided by Trend Micro for its global operations with new products and strategies.

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