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As a managed services provider for medium-sized businesses, ATD supports its customers with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

ATD serves as a remote IT department and oversees IT infrastructure, IT security, and digital transformation. Providing smaller companies with standardized MSP offerings, ATD also offers threat protection and remediation consulting services for larger customers. Many of ATD’s customers are looked at as leaders in their respective industries, leaving the defense of highly valuable data and trade secrets in their hands.


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Braunschweig, Hanover, Wolfenbüttel, Seesen, Germany

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Highly dangerous cyberattacks, including ransomware, have become more commonplace and easier to deploy, expanding the digital attack surfaces.

At the same time, security systems are generating more logs and alerts, increasing the complexity of detection and response. Security teams are challenged with prioritizing a tremendous number of alerts to discover and remediate critical threats. Digital transformation has required organizations to adopt new security measures and to maintain and operate hybrid or multi-cloud environments. ATD required a cybersecurity partner that could discover, consolidate, and identify critical alerts and warnings and quickly act on threats.

Trend Micro XDR is an indispensable technology for us due to the threat situation.

Michael Engelnkemper

Sales Manager, ATD


In addition to a high level of technical and consulting expertise, ATD requires suitable technical solutions and measures to detect and ward off cyberattacks that are becoming increasingly aggressive and frequent.

The company was also looking for a partner that was able to provide cost-efficient and resource-saving services for medium-sized businesses without a dedicated SOC. Based on ATD’s proof of concept (POC), the organization found that Trend Micro™ XDR could provide:

  • Comprehensive protection that can automatically stop more attacks before they take hold
  • Faster and earlier detection, surfacing fewer, prioritized alerts, and presenting the story of the attack
  • Alert monitoring and prioritization, incident investigation, and threat hunting
  • A step-by-step response plan on actions needed to remediate
  • Reduced time it takes to detect, contain, and respond to threats, minimizing the severity and scope of impact

For us, it is important that we can support and further develop our customers holistically over many years. Trend Micro is the ideal partner for this.”

Thomas Braselmann

Account Manager, ATD


Trend Vision One analyzes and correlates the log files of the connected systems, filters out relevant messages in advance, and presents them clearly.

A dedicated ATD team monitors the warnings and schedules them for further action. To assess critical cases, employees seek support from specialized security analysts as part of Trend Micro Managed XDR. If action is required, ATD will notify the customer immediately. Meanwhile, Trend Micro with Worry-Free XDR is integrated into all ATD security service packages so servers, clients, and firewalls are reliably secured in the managed service packages.

“We believe that Trend Micro XDR is an indispensable technology due to the threat situation,” says Michael Engelnkemper, who is responsible for the MSP portfolio at ATD. “It enables a holistic view of an infection chain and increases protection.”

For customers receiving customized services, ATD can offer customers unparalleled security depth across endpoints, email, cloud, OT/IoT, and networks, along with native XDR capabilities through a portfolio of solutions. This includes Trend Micro Deep Discovery, Trend Micro Deep Security Software, Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete, and Trend Micro TippingPoint.

“Trend Micro is up to date and one of the few vendors that is at the forefront of threat detection,” says Thomas Braselmann, Account Manager at ATD. “The products are coherent in themselves and the support behind them fits 100%. We find deep competence here. The cooperation is also based on partnership and on an equal footing.”


ATD’s partnership with Trend has allowed the firm to alleviate security operations teams for its customers.

They have the tools to deliver 24/7 alert monitoring and prioritization, incident investigation, and threat hunting as a managed service. ATD leverages the resources and knowledge of security experts to improve time to detection and time to respond. Customers are provided with efficient alert monitoring, in-depth investigations into advanced threats, and threat hunting via proprietary techniques. Threat investigators can initiate respective product response options to contain threats, while providing a step-by-step response plan on actions needed to remediate, along with custom cleanup tools, where applicable, to help recover from the threat.


ATD has been a Trend partner for more than 15 years and has recently achieved Gold status.

“For us, it is important that we can support and further develop our customers holistically over many years,’ says Braselmann. “Trend Micro’s broad offering, from Worry-Free to TippingPoint, gives us the ability to deliver everything from a solution framework, from smaller customers to large mid-market projects.”

In the future, hybrid cloud security and network analysis will become important for many customers. ATD is planning to further expand these areas. “We see a high customer potential in our target market and will expand our focus in the field of IT security,” says Holger Kämmerer, Managing Director of ATD. “Trend Micro is one of our strategic key partners on this path.”

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