CPITS Graduates' Profiles

Tadiyos Negash

My name is Tadiyos Negash. I have a master’s of business administration from Maharishi International University. My IT career started with accounting and financial reporting system implementation and configuration where I had the opportunity to work with cloud engineers, leading to my interest in cybersecurity.

During the 9-week internship program at Trend Micro, I learned how to protect data and networks from threats, vulnerabilities, and cyber attacks while complying with security and regulatory requirements. I also learned how to help clients leverage people, processes, and technology solutions effectively, understand risks, and communicate a security strategy. I gained valuable technical skills, including Linux, networking, AWS, and Azure. I also learned Trend Micro’s top products, like Apex One, Workload Security, Advanced Threat Protection, and XDR, becoming certified in AWS, Azure, Apex One, and Deep Security.

My interpersonal communication skills and the ability to meet tight deadlines while collaborating in a team environment are some of the many skills that I developed throughout the program. I am ready to make a difference by applying the technical and soft skills that I cultivated thus far while pursuing new skills and experiences.

Thank you,
Tadiyos Negash

Prajwal Pathak

“We are outnumbered – Cybersecurity pros face a huge staffing shortage as attacks surge during the pandemic,” reads a headline from CNBC, outlining the current cybersecurity skills shortage. The shift to work from home during the pandemic is straining cybersecurity professionals – already facing a 3.5 million workforce shortage – to ensure secure, efficient environment for workers.

As one of the leaders in cybersecurity, Trend Micro, which has been providing security solutions since 1989, is doing what many enterprise leaders should be doing to fulfill the massive demand in the cybersecurity sector. Its Certification Program in IT Security (CPITS) is one of the best-designed internship programs available.

For somebody like me, an ambitious individual who wanted to join the field but was finding it hard to break in, CPITS quite literally changed my life. It is an intensive 10-week program, which can really jump-start one’s career. I must warn, however, that it is not for everyone but for only for those who are passionate about security and really want to learn all aspects of the industry. If you want to exceed in the field, there is no program like CPITS.

As a leading name in cybersecurity with cutting-edge technology, Trend Micro can really make a difference in your cybersecurity journey. There is no stone left unturned by the program: from Linux, networking, and securing on-premises workstations to protecting containers in the cloud and threat protection techniques.

The company also puts a big emphasis on people. Even interns become “Trenders” as soon as they join and remain Trenders for life. This is the kind of place where you can start the cybersecurity career of your dreams.

The cybersecurity community needs you! If you have the passion, desire, and hunger, then there is no better place to kickstart your career than at Trend Micro. And there is no better program to do it with than CPITS. Good Luck!

Patrice Minimah

My name is Patrice Minimah. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Texas Tech University. In October 2020, I had the opportunity to be part of Trend Micro’s Certification Program in Information Technology Security (CPITS), learning a great deal about cybersecurity and cloud computing. The 8-week internship has taught me the fundamentals of IT Security, and I also received Azure Fundamental Certification and Trend Micro Deep Security 12 Certified Professional Certification.

With Trend Micro being one of the leading cybersecurity companies, I had a great opportunity to learn about and explore the world of cybersecurity extensively.

I am very excited and ready for the next step of my journey!

Manali Patel

My name is Manali Patel. I was born in India in a very supportive family with parents who always helped and encouraged me to explore my interest in math and computers – areas I’ve excelled in since high school. After high school, I was accepted in the competitive field of engineering and graduated with a bachelor’s in electronics and communications having learned much about circuit analysis, digital electronics, telecommunication, satellite communication, radio frequencies, programming courses in Hardware (Verilog), C, and more.

Eventually, I came to the United States to complete a graduate certification program with data mining concentration at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). There, I studied Queries databases, complex joins, data mining (statistics, R programming, Algorithms Clustering, and Association), graduating with a 4.00 GPA and with all credit hours transferable to a master’s program at NJIT.

During my master’s program, I took the amazing opportunity to participate in a rotation program and gain practical experience, completing 3 rotations in 2 business areas. My first rotation was on the production and support team developing small search engine web applications. During my second rotation, I had the opportunity to explore cybersecurity while working on the Identity and Access Management team, managing 80 applications and network resources with Service Now ticketing system, resolving customer issues, finding route cause analysis, and troubleshooting high-end issues on provisioning access. I gained proficiency in QUALYS vulnerability management tool, ran reports on Workstations, DMZ, and Servers for vulnerabilities, and organized meetings with IT service engineers and helpdesk to remediate important issues. Additionally, I worked with Threat Metrix tool for fraud detection and identified fraud transactions based on Geo location, IP address, Smart ID parameters, and different false positives.

After completing the rotations, I continued my master’s degree in information systems and applied for the CPITS program with one of the best companies – Trend Micro.

There, I learned a lot: Amazon Web services, Linux, networking, Azure cloud services, hands-on labs, and training on leading Trend products – Apex One (End Point Security), Deep Security (Server protection), XDR (Threat detection, including extensive threat and root cause), and Deep Security Smart Check (container security with a single view of and protection of CI/CD pipeline from build time to runtime). My training also included getting certified in Apex One and Deep Security.

During the program, I participated in the Capture the Flag challenge designed by Trend Micro researchers to expose contestants to real-world cybersecurity scenarios. I learned reverse engineering, forensics/exploitation, open-source intelligence (OSINT), mobile, IoT, machine learning, and more, completing the challenge with 4th rank.

The program included sales training as well – we were assigned customers whom we provided with product consultations. At the end of the program, we presented solutions to government customers with air-gapped environment running legacy operating system and old web applications. We suggested Deep Security on-prem and Apex one on-prem solutions with the goal of eventually helping them transition to a cloud-based solution.

With Trend CPITS I gained rock solid experience within 10 weeks and vastly improved my technical, team management, and time management skills. I greatly appreciate the opportunity and am now eager to take on a new challenge and start my journey in cybersecurity. I am looking forward to learning, growing, and contributing to the cybersecurity community. My goal is not only to land a job, but to also help protect this digital world from hackers who steal users’ sensitive information and take advantages of system vulnerabilities. My target roles include incident and response, Trend Micro product support, sales engineer, customer support engineer, SOC analyst, risk analyst, and offensive/defensive (Red and Blue teams, pen testing).

A fast learner and a team player, I work hard to achieve my goals. I am ready to continue my journey in cybersecurity.

Elias Pierce

My name is Elias Pierce, and I am a graduate of the University of North Texas with a degree in integrated studies with an emphasis on computer science, learning technology, and business information systems. In the fall of 2020, I completed Trend Micro’s 10-week certification program in information technology security (CPITS).

Throughout this program, I received in-depth training on the fundamentals of IT security, including Linux, advanced threat defense, and AWS, completed certifications in Trend Micro’s top products – Deep Security and Apex One (SAAS), and am pursuing a certification as an AWS solutions architect. I also had the opportunity to enhance my soft skills, like customer relations and collaborating within a team.

I am highly collaborative, result-driven, and versed in leading Trend Micro solutions and cloud infrastructure services. My ability to complete this intense training while being a full-time college student speaks to my ability to handle large projects efficiently.