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The Trend Micro Affiliate Program allows you to make money by referring customers to the Trend Micro Online Store. Each time you refer a customer to our website and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

We handle the transaction processing, fulfilment, and customer service. We provide you with detailed reports on sales that were referred from your website and a monthly commission check. 

There are no fees of any kind, no charges to apply, and no minimum sales requirement.

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. Get accepted to the program.
  3. Create links to Trend Micro from the Ads section on Impact.
  4. Promote Trend Micro on your site.
  5. Log into Impact to see your customisable website performance reports: how many people are browsing and what they're buying.
  6. Get paid up to 20% commission.

No. Catalogue, pricing, and availability updates are all part of our integrated catalogue and ordering platform.

Anyone may apply. However, we reserve the right to deny membership to a website or revoke a website’s membership any time if we deem it contains or links to objectionable material.

Objectionable material includes, but is not limited to, pornography, explicit language or content, violence, discrimination, promotion of illegal activities, violation of intellectual property rights or laws, libellous, defamatory, or disparaging materials, or websites with little or no original content.

Yes, the program is available for affiliates based in Australia and New Zealand and affiliates outside of Australia and New Zealand with promotional areas in the Southeast Asia region including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, and Indonesia.

Yes, the program is available for affiliates based in areas in the Southeast Asia region including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, and Indonesia and affiliates in Australia and New Zealand.

You can have multiple websites under one affiliate account. To set them up, please contact us at and provide the names and URLs of the additional websites. After you’re set up, you will be able to create links specific to each website and generate separate reports for each website. You will receive one commission check for all your websites.

Yes. You can use the logo and name on your site, but you must use logos provided via the affiliate program.

All links from your website to the Trend Micro Online Store contain a unique identifier, allowing us to credit you when customers from your site make purchases. Make sure that all links on your website are created on Impact so that they are tracked correctly.

We use Impact's affiliate tracking system. You will have access to an online, password-protected reporting system on that will provide you detailed statistics for your website. To be able to identify and track visitors and properly assign commissions to referring websites, we append a unique code for each visitor to each page and each link within the page seen by the visitor. This code follows the user throughout the website. When the visitor completes a purchase, the code is examined and the dollar amount of the sale, together with the Source ID of the referring website, is stored in our database so that your commission can be calculated. 

Using Impact's tracking, Trend Micro will also give you credit for cookied sales within 30 days of an initial click from your website to Trend Micro. Cookied sales are sales that have come from customers that have visited Trend Micro directly within 30 days of visiting Trend Micro after linking from your website. However, there are situations when you won't get credit. For example, if someone follows a link from your website to Trend Micro, and browses but doesn't buy anything, and later follows a link from another Logitech affiliate website, the code for the second referring site will replace yours.

We provide unlimited access to detailed reports that allow you to track sales and traffic activity. There are numerous reports on Impact that are updated daily. These reports tell you how many users saw and clicked-through links to Trend Micro from your website, how many orders were placed, which products were purchased, how much your website has earned in commission and much more. These reports will help you maximise your revenue.

Commission rates are based on the net sales you generate per month and vary by brand. You can earn up to a 20% standard commission on all products. If a customer comes to the Trend Micro Online Store directly from your website or directly to the Trend Micro Online Store within 30 days of visiting your website and then makes a purchase, you get credit. It does not matter what type of merchandise you sell or link to from your website.

All products Up to 20% of item sale amount 30 Days

You will be paid approximately 90 days after a commissionable sale is completed. This time allows for returns and adjustments to be made.

Yes! Join the Trend Micro Affiliate Program today, set up your links and buy products for yourself through your links. This is our bonus to you for joining the program.

*Standard commission varies by promotion or seasonal changes