Smart Protection Network – Global Threat Intelligence

Smarter security built on nearly 30 years of cyber threat experience 


threat intelligence

The Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ delivers proactive global threat intelligence against zero-hour threats to ensure that you are always protected. We use our up-to-the-second threat intelligence to immediately stamp out attacks before they can harm you. And combined with XGen™ security, powering all of our products and services, we’re protecting millions of businesses and users around the globe. See performance results.

Round-the-clock threat visibility and protection

To maintain this immense scale of threat protection, we’ve created one of the world’s most extensive cloud-based protection infrastructures. Our threat defense experts and vast global network are constantly collecting data,
identifying threats, and protecting your data.

We innovated the immediate protection of a cloud-based approach back in 2008. We developed the automatic correlation of threats to customize protection just for you. And we’re ahead of the pack in giving you threat visibility across platforms,
security layers, and users globally.

See how quickly the Smart Protection Network stops threats dead in their tracks. 

A history of innovation

Since its creation, Trend Micro has become a leader 
in the safe exchange of digital information.

See the history behind the technology
designed to keep you ahead of threats.

Powerful multilayered protection

A vast set of cross-generational techniques, continuously improved over time, builds a layered defense against the ever-changing threats targeting you. 

Hybrid cloud machine learning

Automated discovery of new threats using machine learning both in-the-cloud and on-premises to detect against zero hour spam, phishing (i.e Business Email Compromise), malware (i.e. ransomware), exploits, and social media attacks.  

Hybrid cloud sandbox

Analyze files (like email attachments) and URLs in a virtual sandbox available both on-premises and in-the-cloud to identify new threats in a safe environment.


Breach detection

Detect potential targeted attacks by analyzing north/south and east/west network traffic, command-and- control traffic, and lateral movement within a corporate network giving you visibility into potential threat actors. 

Reputation services

Email, web, file, and mobile app reputation services checks the reputation of these threat vectors to block spam/phishing, compromised websites, malicious files, and malicious mobile apps. 

Vulnerability research

Using one of the industry’s best vulnerability research teams from Trend Micro and Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) to discover and responsibly disclose third-party vulnerabilities with the help of 3000+ ZDI external researchers, get protection against known and zero-day exploits with virtual patches. 

Command-and-Control communication protection

Quickly identifies botnet or targeted attack behaviors by identifying communications between target victims and threat actors’ attack infrastructure

Whitelisting and application control

Protects against false positives using constantly updated, in-the-cloud whitelists from one of the world’s largest databases of known good files and supports an effective defense using application control to allow only good applications and OS files from running on a device. 

Threat actor intelligence

Threat researchers actively investigate and analyze new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) utilized by the threat actors across the globe to ensure your protected from new threats using these TTPs. 

Smart Protection server

Safeguards network bandwidth, endpoint efficiency, and privacy by performing reputation queries directly to local servers, instead of the public cloud. 

Smart feedback

Speeds protection by automatically updating Trend Micro's global threat intelligence each time a new threat is identified on a single customer's routine reputation check.