Security for Cloud Migration

Automatically protect what you put in the cloud with a single, cloud-native solution that won’t slow you down

Secure your migration with Trend Micro Cloud One

During migration, unsecured environments can be exploited, spread infected malware, and become vulnerable to ransomware – risking exposure to critical data or compliance violations. Get where you want to go in the cloud while mitigating risk.

Trend Micro Cloud One™, our security services platform for cloud builders, makes securing your migration to the cloud seamless and efficient. Driven by decades of security expertise, 15 threat research centers around the globe, and continuous innovation, we protect thousands of organizations and millions of individuals across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints.

Secure your cloud migration

Trend Micro Cloud One includes easy-to-use security services for your cloud migration

Make the most of your investment and keep it secure with 

A single consolidated platform

One platform to reduce overhead and security complexity. No need for a wide variety of third-party products.

Virtual patch management

Cloud-native automatic patching of endpoints regularly and reporting on patch status by unpatched devices.

Continuous compliance and audit readiness

Address multiple requirements in a single product –streamline audit evidence gathering and enable continuous compliance.

Protection for networks, workloads and containers

Monitoring of 45+ billion URLs, emails, and files to stop malware, ransomware, and vulnerabilities faster.

Detection and response

Add XDR capabilities for cloud workloads and container platforms with Trend Micro Vision One.

Zero-day threat prevention

Over 15 global research centers and 450 internal researchers deliver 24/7 threat prevention for the cloud.

Integrated security optimized for the cloud – seamless, simple, automated

Trend Micro Cloud One for cloud migration supports API integration with AWS, Microsoft® Azure, and Google Cloud.

Achieve and maintain compliance

Achieving and maintaining compliance in the cloud can be a daunting task. Not only are there more servers and instances than before, but they are ephemeral and can last as briefly as a few hours. Ensuring compliance requires security tools built to manage the nature of cloud environments.

Gain broad security and compliance quickly with solutions designed to work efficiently with your cloud network and environment.

Trend Micro Cloud One for migration addresses multiple requirements in a single solution, streamlining audit evidence gathering and enabling continuous compliance, including:

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*Artwork represents automated protection of thousands of hybrid cloud workloads via API calls to Trend Micro’s cloud security platform over a thirty-day period.