Gender Pay Gap Report – Ireland

The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 requires organisations to report on their hourly gender pay gap across a range of metrics. In compliance with this requirement Trend Micro Ireland have made this information available.

Trend Micro data

The analysis is based on the relevant pay period 1st July 2021 to 30th June 2022. Snapshot date is 30th June 2022. Please note the following:

Relevant employees
276 relevant employees have been reviewed for the Trend Micro analysis

  • 4 of which are part-time employees
  • 23 of which are on temporary contracts

Hourly Remuneration
To determine the Gender Pay Gap mean and median, as defined in the regulations, the following pay elements have been used, as provided by the Trend Micro: Ordinary Pay: basic pay, allowances (other, on-call), overtime payments, public holiday (PH) pay, oncall pay AND Bonus: This covers the main elements of variable pay such as commissions, spiffs, company bonus, MBOs, referral payments and shares.

Gender Bonus Gap
All bonuses paid to relevant employees in the relevant period have been included for the Gender Bonus Gap metrics. Bonus: This covers the main elements of variable pay such as commissions, spiffs, company bonus, MBOs, referral payments and shares.

Benefits in Kind
As defined by the regulations company needs to report of employee received non-cash benefit of monetary value in the relevant period. In the Trend Micro the following benefits in kind are offered: health insurance.

Executive SummaryOverview of the results

Gender Pay Gap (GPG):
The median GPG for Trend Micro is 6.2% and the mean is 9.4%.

  • There are more male employees (58.7%) in Trend Micro.
  • Both the mean and the median are in favour of male employees.
  • There are more male employees in all pay quartiles, except for the lower quartile  where the female representation prevails (52.2% vs. 47.8%).
  • The higher the pay quartile, the lower female representation. 57% of females are  situated in Lower and Lower Middle quartiles, whereas only 45% of males are  situated in those ranges. This is likely contributing to the median gap.

Gender Bonus Gap (GBG):
The median GBG for Trend Micro is -16.8% and the mean GBG is 4.2%.

  • 81.9% of Trend Micro employees received bonuses in relevant pay period.
  • There is a slightly higher proportion of females (84.2%) than males (80.2%) that received bonuses in relevant pay period.
  • Median GBG is in favour of female employees, while the mean is in favour of males.
  • The highest bonus is paid to male employee and it’s 1.5 times higher than the highest bonus paid to female employee.

Gender Pay Gap (GPG) part-time employees: 
There are only 4 part-time employees at Trend Micro, all of them are females.  

Gender Pay Gap (GPG) temporary employees:
The GPG of temporary employees is in favour of female employees, with median  (-37.5%) and mean (-17.4%) much higher than the all employees GPG.

Benefits in Kind (BIK): 
84.6% of male and 84.2% of female employees received benefits in kind during relevant pay period.  

Gender Pay Gap – Key MeasuresReporting requirement

  • Hourly remuneration is based on all forms of monetary remuneration – including bonus
  • Bonus remuneration includes items such as vouchers as well as annual bonus
  • Both bonus and hourly remuneration are calculated as broad mean and median, with  no account taken or adjustment made for role or level.
  • A positive number indicates a gender pay gap in favour of men; a negative number indicates a gender pay gap in favour of women.
  • The quartiles are defined based on hourly remuneration ranking from lowest to highest,  and the percentages of each quartile made up of men and women is set out

A Closer Look At Gender Profiles 

  • There are a total 276 employees in Trend Micro in Ireland as at June 30th 2022. 59% of these are male and 41%  are female.
  • There were a total of 129 employees in Technical Roles and 147 in Non-technical roles. 84% of those in technical roles were male and 16% female.
  • We have 38 people managers with 58% of those being male and 42% female. The split of males in technical verses non-technical roles is 50/50 where as the female ratio of people managers is split 19% in technical roles and 81% in non technical roles.
  • The average tenure of the 276 employees is 6.3 years with females having an average tenure of 7.3 years and males 5.6 years.

Trend Culture

Trend Micro globally and Trend Micro in Ireland have a culture which embraces diversity and inclusion across all genres. The company values and promotes diversity in the very experiences and attributes that make us who we are, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, religion, socio-economic status, and political philosophy. Our culture is one of open mindedness and inclusion which is promoted from a global level by our female CEO and our Board of Directors.

We are proud of the opportunities we provide to all individuals across the organisation and the flexible working cultures support our focus on inclusion and fairness. We continue to review policy and practice, such as maternity and paternity leave, which are focused on enabling all new parents to take equal responsibility for childcare commitments. Many of our senior roles are carried out on a flexible basis and we are working hard to ensure our practices encourage everyone to have the option to work flexibly, in a way that suits them, so they can deliver their best work.

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Payment and Rewards

Our philosophy for payment and rewards is always to align to the market and we continue to externally benchmark our salaries and benefits against industry standards for all roles and levels of experience. This ensures that everyone is paid fairly and competitively for undertaking the same or a similar role where they are located.

Specialist technical skillsets in general command very different salaries, so the potential for significant differences in salary is much higher in a technical space.

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Our recruitment policy is not to set quotas as part of our employment process but to ensure the best and most suitable candidate is hired for each role in the organisation irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, religion, socio-economic status, political philosophy or other. We believe this is the fairest process and ensures working together, we can deliver best-in-class technology and create a world safe for the exchange of digital information.

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