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South Carolina State Library simplifies cybersecurity thanks to an always available partner and the


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The insight

When Matt Guzzi discovered that a ransomware attack disabled a neighboring South Carolina library for weeks, he knew he needed to strengthen cybersecurity across his own organization – the state library of South Carolina. Trend Micro helped modernize and simplify cybersecurity for Guzzi and his staff, acting as a virtual teammate.

Information Systems Administrator, South Carolina State Library
Matt Guzzi

We’re a small department and we rely upon our vendor partners for assistance. Trend Micro reaches out to provide training and assistance, and I can contact a live person and get support when I need it. That makes all the difference in the world."

Matt Guzzi

Information Systems Administrator, South Carolina State Library


The experience

Because Guzzi’s team is small, he needs his vendors to provide more than just a “product”. With Trend Micro, he found a partner, not just a vendor. Trend Micro supplied Guzzi and team with best-in-class solutions, But, just as importantly, Trenders supported Guzzi with above-and-beyond customer service.

When I put in tickets with other vendors, I may not hear something for days, or I might have to go through a horrible chat process to try to get somebody to call me back. Trend Micro’s customer service is the best I’ve ever had. It’s the best in the business.”

Matt Guzzi

Information Systems Administrator, South Carolina State Library

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The Trender

Guzzi was especially impressed with Customer Service Engineer, Joel Ginsberg. When searching for malicious IP addresses, Guzzi discovered the format of the addresses didn’t match what was required for Trend Micro Vision One™ threat defense solution. Ginsberg stepped up and helped download, convert, and import the IPs accurately.

Professional Services Engineer, Trend Micro
Joel Ginsberg

Joel went out of his way to write a custom script for us, actually spending the time to research how the file is formatted, what the issues were, and then converting the file into the proper format. And that has made a huge difference; it’s great to have that extra layer of protection.”

Matt Guzzi

Information Systems Administrator, South Carolina State Library

Fast Facts

Provides state-of-the-art cybersecurity

Guzzi found that Trend Micro security detection was superior to its previous security vendor’s — and more efficient at blocking threats and stopping infections.

Reduces staff time spent on security

With better data and visibility gained through customizable dashboards, the staff has more time to focus on key issues and initiatives.

Delivers trust and reliability

Fast responses — typically less than 24 hours — and a relentless focus on customer success make Trend Micro the best choice for Guzzi’s team.


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