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Seneca Polytechnic maintains robust security with a lean team thanks to the


Customer care mindset | Constant interaction | Proactive support

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The insight

Ensuring the security of more than 30,000 students and faculty at Seneca Polytechnic is no easy task, especially with a small security team. But Associate Director, IT Security, Privacy and Compliance, Joseph Lee, knows the campus is covered by the advanced cybersecurity and threat protection solutions from Trend Micro—and the support of Trenders who go above and beyond.

Director, IT Security, Privacy and Compliance, Seneca Polytechnic
Joseph Lee

With a lot of vendors, after the sale you don't see them again. With Trend, our experience was totally different. They helped us do the proof of concept, they did the installation for us, and they actually project-managed it. And after that, they still keep in touch.”

Joseph Lee

Associate Director, IT Security, Privacy and Compliance, Seneca Polytechnic


The experience

Lee depends on the threat intelligence built into Deep Discovery™ Inspector*—including Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Analyzer—as well as Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ Software to provide rapid, prioritized alerts. And he relies just as much on the close relationship Trend maintains with him, ensuring that his team is always supported.

With Trend, there's constant interaction and check-ins to see how we’re doing. When one of my security analysts opened up a lot of support tickets, our Trend contact came to me and asked if we needed to offer him additional training. This is unheard of from other vendors. That's a totally different mindset—Trenders care about their customers.”

Joseph Lee

Associate Director, IT Security, Privacy and Compliance, Seneca Polytechnic

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The Trender

Trender Kellie Cheung’s above-and-beyond support for Lee’s team is a key factor in why he sees Trend as a valued strategic partner. Reaching out on a frequent basis and quickly responding to queries whenever Lee’s team needs support, Cheung personifies the level of customer care that is a staple of our Trender teams.

Regional Account Manager, Trend Micro
Kellie Cheung

Last year we had a problem and I reached out to Kellie. Right away, she arranged some resources to help us, and she worked late writing up a summary of what happened and what we can do to prevent this from happening again. She acted as a liaison between us and the tech team, working late to help us. It's not easy to find people like that.”

Joseph Lee

Associate Director, IT Security, Privacy and Compliance, Seneca Polytechnic

Fast Facts

Supports safe bring-your-own-device environments

Our solutions and capabilities help ensure students and faculty can securely access the information they need from their own devices.

Automates and prioritizes alerts

Advanced threat intelligence alerts Lee’s team to what needs attention and what can wait, freeing them up for other security tasks.

Seamlessly extends the security team

With constant interaction and a customer care mindset, Trenders give Lee’s team the support they need, whenever they need it.


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