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The insight

As a leading Australian upstream oil and gas company, Roc Oil Company (ROC) recognized the need to safeguard its critical systems and protect employees from emerging threats. The company partnered with Trend Micro to extend its small IT team’s capabilities and secure its extensive operational environment.

IT Manager, ROC
Jack Smith

Trend has helped us in many facets surrounding our legacy systems, both by providing oversight of anomalous behavior and by ensuring that we’re covered against fast-break exploits.”

Jack Smith

IT Manager, ROC

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The experience

Jack Smith, IT manager at ROC, praises the consistent engagement and continuous innovation Trend delivers for elevating his team’s security posture. Trenders respond quickly to requests and proactively facilitate resolutions to ROC’s security concerns.

The Trend team has always been able to answer our technical questions, but they also share real-world knowledge across industries about what's going on in the cybersecurity space. They’ve always been very forthcoming when discussing our needs and our overall security perspective. Since we signed on with Trend, we haven’t looked back.”

Jack Smith

IT Manager, ROC

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The Trender

After mentioning his concern about the end-of-life for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 on an unrelated call with Scott Roberts, a Regional Account Manager at Trend, Smith was surprised to receive a follow-up just a half-hour later. Roberts had proactively organized a call with Trend technical support to assure Smith that virtual patching was in place and the server updates were covered. This refreshing approach to customer success has been a game-changer for Smith and his IT team.

Regional Account Manager, Trend Micro
Scott Roberts

I felt like I could wipe my brow because I was in relief. It improved the rapport that we have with Trend and further enhanced our belief that we made the right choice in choosing Trend.”

Jack Smith

IT Manager, ROC

Fast Facts

Alleviates the demand for critical patches

Trend security solutions apply automated virtual patches across endpoints and servers, providing protection until Smith’s team can address them.

Supercharges reporting abilities

Trend Vision One™ delivers comprehensive reports that are easily customizable to align with the priorities of ROC’s senior leadership team.

Extends ROC’s five-person IT team

Trend Service One™ provides 24/7 managed detection, response, and support, extending a small IT team with an all-hands-on-deck approach.


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