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The insight

With nearly 9,000 students and 1,000 staff across 13 schools, the DeKalb County School District upholds educational excellence—and secures its infrastructure—in partnership with Trend Micro. Since day one with Trend, Technology Coordinator Jimmy Benefield has experienced nothing short of a complete security transformation.

Technology Coordinator, DeKalb County School District
Jimmy Benefield

“Before we got involved with Trend, we were sitting ducks. Now, the Trend client runs in the background—you don’t even know it’s there, but I can go home at night and sleep soundly without worrying about a call in the morning with news that we’ve been attacked.”

Jimmy Benefield

Technology Coordinator, DeKalb County School District


The experience

During a ransomware attack on the district’s unprotected endpoints in 2020, the unwavering support, daily meetings, and the provisioning of physical equipment from Trend quickly aided Benefield’s team in rebuilding more than 3,000 endpoint devices. As the district brought on additional Trend solutions after the attack, Benefield was able to proactively identify still-infected devices and quickly secure them. Our commitment has continued beyond the recovery stage, with updates and innovations to ensure ongoing network security.

“With Trend solutions in place, we have more time to focus on other critical aspects of our job instead of worrying about threats. Life has been a lot more peaceful with Trend.”

Jimmy Benefield

Technology Coordinator, DeKalb County School District

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The Trender

During the district’s ransomware attack, Regional Account Manager Justin Nelson at Trend acted quickly, bringing in additional Trenders to scan the network while Benefield’s team was busy rebuilding endpoint devices. As Benefield’s “go-to,” Nelson made recommendations on how to move forward—and even visited Benefield in person to review solution benefits.

Regional Account Manager, Trend Micro
Justin Nelson

“Justin has been there for us since day one. The day of our attack, I called him, told him what happened, and it didn’t take 15 minutes before his team was ready to help. I know I’m just an email or phone call away from help when I need it.”

Jimmy Benefield

Technology Coordinator, DeKalb County School District

Fast Facts

Secures students and staff against phishing, ransomware, and other attacks

Trend is a game-changer in educating and protecting members of the district against growing threats.

Supports the IT team’s commitment to outstanding customer service

Trend enables proactive support and easy reporting for the district’s IT team, improving teacher and staff support

Provides a complete view of network and infrastructure

Our unified interface and regular email notifications help Benefield’s team save time and gain a comprehensive security picture


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