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The insight

When Decathlon, a French sporting goods retailer with more than 1,700 stores in 70 countries, sought to expand the digital side of its business, Security Manager Matthieu Vanoost wanted a long-term, committed partner with which Decathlon could grow. He found that—and much more—when he teamed up with Trend Micro.

Security Manager, Decathlon
Matthieu Vanoost

For this type of project, it is really important to have a good partner. Trend gave us previews of future product enhancements. This was very important to our organization.”

Matthieu Vanoost

Security Manager, Decathlon

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The experience

Vanoost was looking for a true security partnership, one that would proactively help Decathlon find the right solutions in the context of a complex financial situation and fast-evolving security needs. Trend delivered by cultivating trust and working to find affordable, agile solutions that help the company pursue new initiatives with confidence.

For me it's the human touch. The connection was really great because I think that Trend adds real, human value.”

Matthieu Vanoost

Security Manager, Decathlon

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The Trender

Trender Ismahen Weber helped Decathlon determine how to accomplish as much as possible for an affordable cost, working with Vanoost to set up a flexible, pay-per-use pricing model. She also introduced Vanoost to key business leaders within Trend, providing him with valuable company connections that are typically difficult for customers to make.

Manager, Large Enterprise, Trend Micro
Ismahen Weber

Ismahen went above and beyond to ensure Decathlon had a truly exceptional experience. She thought about our needs, our vision, and our commitment, and did her maximum to create what we wanted. She's a great advocate for us at Trend."

Matthieu Vanoost

Security Manager, Decathlon

Fast Facts

Enables digital expansion

Trend’s security platform helps Decathlon assertively pursue digital initiatives with confidence.

Automates data handling

Trend Micro™ Vision One enables automatic data collection and deployment, reducing alert fatigue and saving money and time.

Empowers leadership

Trend’s security platform helps the security team track metrics and present results to leadership for more informed decision-making.


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