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The insight

Cloudticity is a health IT organization on a mission—leveraging cloud technologies to attain better, safer healthcare for all humanity. But profound goals are rarely accomplished without great partners. For Cloudticity CEO Gerry Miller, a large portion of that support comes from Trend Micro—especially Trender Neha Gauraw.

Founder and CEO, Cloudticity
Gerry Miller

Sometimes, you just have a natural affinity for the people you meet. On a corporate level, I’d say that’s what working with Trend Micro is like—it’s always positive.”

Gerry Miller

Founder and CEO, Cloudticity


The experience

Cloudticity prides itself on focusing on security first. Trender Neha Gauraw takes great pride in contributing to this focus, considering healthcare records are highly coveted and frequently targeted by cybercriminals. Because of their unique corporate culture, Miller considers his relationship with Trend Micro to be a trusted partnership.

In my experience, Trenders maintain a consistent culture of friendliness, excellence, and commitment to customer service. Whenever we work with anybody from Trend Micro, it’s always a very enjoyable experience.”

Gerry Miller

Founder and CEO, Cloudticity

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The Trender

From the moment Neha Gauraw joined the team of Trenders supporting Cloudticity, it was important that she help strengthen Trend Micro’s customer support. Developing a strong relationship with Miller during an industry event, Gauraw pledged to go that extra mile to ensure Trend Micro’s relationship with Cloudticity remains one of trust and respect.

Account Manager, Trend Micro
Neha Gauraw

Neha has done a phenomenal job for us. She had some big shoes to fill after her predecessor retired, but she just picked up the ball and ran with it.”

Gerry Miller

Founder and CEO, Cloudticity

Fast Facts

Fulfills individual requirements

Trend Micro’s fast response with the best security solutions supports Cloudticity’s needs as an exchange for multiple healthcare organizations.

Encourages customer feedback

Trenders have continually connected with Miller to solicit feedback pertaining to product performance and any changes that may be needed.

Committed to partnership

From Trend Micro’s CEO on down, Miller experienced a level of support more akin to a partnership than a typical vendor-client relationship.


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