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CloudHesive finds perfect alignment with Trend Micro security innovations—and the


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The insight

As an AWS Premier Partner, CloudHesive is passionate about bringing the best of the cloud to its managed services customers—and that includes the best security. Their Chief Operating Officer, Kathy Lijoi, and her team found perfect alignment with Trend, a security partner offering not only innovative solutions but also our very own customer-dedicated team of Trenders.

Chief Operating Officer, CloudHesive
Kathy Lijoi

At CloudHesive, we pride ourselves on being customer obsessed. With Trend, we have perfect alignment, sharing the common philosophy that in order to succeed, we need partners that value our same vision. Trend is a partner that shares our customer obsession.”

Kathy Lijoi

Chief Operating Officer, CloudHesive

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The experience

When the CloudHesive sales team needed help answering tough questions from a prospect, their Managed Services Technical Lead, Anthony Palmer, turned to Trend for support. Within an hour, Trenders Neha Gauraw and Nicholas Russo provided a report that answered these questions and paved the way for a signed contract.

Our experience with Trend stood out 100%. Because we had the information our prospect needed within an hour, we could close out all of the challenges they were having and seal the deal. That’s going above and beyond.”

Kathy Lijoi

Chief Operating Officer, CloudHesive


The Trender

Trend was one of the first partners CloudHesive brought on board after the company was founded. The extraordinary customer support provided by Trenders such as Gauraw and Russo, in addition to the strength of our cybersecurity platform, Trend Vision One™, have encouraged CloudHesive to continue building its relationship with us over the long term.

Account Manager, Trend Micro
Neha Gauraw

Neha and Nicholas have been great. We view them as trusted advisors. Whenever we reach out to them, they're always ready to help us with any type of Trend question.”

Anthony Palmer

Managed Services Technical Lead, CloudHesive

Fast Facts

Shared commitment to customers

The flexible and responsive support provided by Trend helps strengthen CloudHesive’s own customer relationships.

Tight alignment with AWS

Both CloudHesive and Trend are closely partnered with AWS, together ensuring CloudHesive’s AWS cloud customers receive optimal assistance.

Easy deployment accelerates business

Palmer cites the ease of deployment and user-friendliness of Trend Micro Cloud Security as a key business accelerator.


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