Connected Threat Defense

Shield your organization from the latest threats and targeted attacks

Today’s dynamic threat landscape

In today’s complex threat landscape, organizations often use a variety of security products to protect against the constant onslaught of threats that are no longer one-to-many, but highly targeted. Managing the complexity and volume of disparate security solutions that typically do not integrate becomes a daunting task, and threats growing across your network may remain undetected. Your organization needs to a different security approach.

A modern approach to security

Leveraging XGen™ security capabilities across multiple solutions, Trend Micro’s Connected Threat Defense is a layered security approach that gives you a better way to quickly protect, detect, and respond to new threats while simultaneously improving visibility and streamlining investigation across your organization.

Protection across the entire threat lifecycle

Protect your organization

Leverage highly effective traditional approaches, like anti-malware, intrusion prevention (IPS), whitelisting, encryption, and data loss prevention. These combined with new state-of-the-art techniques, such as high-fidelity machine learning and behavior analysis to catch ransomware and other advanced threats, help to better protect your organization.

The ability to detect advanced malware, malicious behavior, and communications that are invisible to standard defenses is critical and requires the use of multiple, layered techniques.

Detect threats across the enterprise

Network inspection gives you 360-degree monitoring of network traffic and scans more than 100 protocols to detect suspicious activity, command & control (C&C) communications, and lateral movement of inbound, outbound, and internal network communications, giving you insights about the threats coming your way and a chance to thwart them.

When a  suspicious item is detected, it is automatically submitted to a customized virtual sandbox, optimized to help you determine if suspicious content is, in fact, malicious.

Respond to threats faster

As part of our Connected Threat Defense, rapid response capabilities give you real-time updates and multiple security techniques to prevent future attacks, identify root cause, and speed up remediation.

If an attack is detected, targeted intelligence covering malicious files, IP addresses, and C&C communications is shared across products and environments (end users, servers, cloud, and networks) for real-time protection. The next time these objects are encountered they can be blocked automatically - the benefit of Connected Threat Defense.

Visibility and investigation

With all these connected elements at work, the multiple security layers share intelligence and give you a consolidated view of what is happening. Central visibility across all security layers provides a comprehensive view of the security of your networks, endpoints, and hybrid cloud environments and simplifies threat investigation and day-to-day management tasks.

What customers say

Seneca College

“Trend Micro was the only vendor with a truly holistic solution – and they also delivered additional capabilities that would keep us ahead of new threats.” ...more

Joseph Lee,
Manager of Security and Compliance,
Seneca College

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Protect more

Protect more

Trend Micro Connected Threat Defense leverages the Trend Micro security solutions: User Protection, Network Defense, and Hybrid Cloud Security. These connected solutions, along with our global threat intelligence and centralized visibility and control, all work together and are powered by XGen™ security.