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Author: Ted Lee (Threat Researcher)

Earth Zhulong: Familiar Patterns Target Vietnam

In 2022, we discovered Earth Zhulong, a hacking group that has been targeting Vietnam's telecom, technology, and media sectors similar to another well-known threat actor. In this article, we unravel their new tactics, techniques and procedures that they apply on their misdeeds.

Feb 08, 2023

Author: Trend Micro Research (Trend Micro)

Hijacking Your Bandwidth: How Proxyware Apps Open You Up to Risk

In this investigation, we analyzed several prominent "passive income" applications and found out that there may be security risks upon participating in these programs.

Feb 07, 2023

Author: Mike Milner (Head of Cloud Native Security)

Cloud-ready and Channel-first

Trend Micro named one of 2023’s coolest cloud security companies

Feb 06, 2023

DevOps Resource Center

Author: Duane Seon (Product Marketing)

Transport Layer Security (TLS): Issues & Protocol

Although Transport layer security (TLS) provides enhanced security, cybercriminals have become increasingly savvy, finding ways to circumvent many of these protections. Learn how malicious actors exploit vulnerabilities within TLS to introduce new forms of malware.

Feb 07, 2023

Attack Vector vs Attack Surface: The Subtle Difference

To establish a better security posture, you must address vulnerabilities in your attack vectors and surfaces. While these terms are similar, they’re not the same. This article explores key differences between the two, helping you make your system more secure.

Feb 01, 2023

Dependency Mapping for DevSecOps

Discover the importance of dependency mapping and best practices for successful dependency management

Jan 25, 2023

CISO Resource Center

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