Trend Vision One™

Sovereign and Private Cloud (SPC)

Prevent, detect, respond, and protect without compromising data sovereignty

Why Trend Vision One™ – Sovereign and Private Cloud

Data sovereignty assurance

Ensure compliance with strict data sovereignty regulations using Trend Vision One – SPC to safeguard data within geographic boundaries for organizations in regulated industries.

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Comprehensive threat protection

Empower your organization with advanced endpoint protection, network protection, and XDR solutions – including endpoint detection and response (EDR) and network detection and response (NDR) – for bolstered security against evolving threats.


Flexible deployment

Tailor your deployment of Trend Vision One – SPC to meet your data sovereignty needs, optimized for installation in air-gapped, offline, and private cloud environments for adaptable protection.

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Maintain security amid evolving regulatory standards

Complete data jurisdiction

Ensuring data sovereignty and oversight

Trend Vision One – SPC is an on-premises software solution with proven threat protection, detection, and response that ensures 100% data jurisdiction and control. All of your data – metadata included – stays on sovereign soil or within your designated location.

This solution is ideal for organizations concerned with protecting air-gapped, offline, private cloud, and datacenter environments.


Advanced threat protection

Layered protection in a sovereign deployment

Multiple layers of security provide prevention and protection capabilities across every stage of the attack chain. Industry-leading intrusion prevention empowers you to mitigate known unpatched threats.

Use Trend Vision One – SPC to predict whether files are malicious and detect indicators of attack before there’s a chance to execute. 


Enhanced EDR and XDR capabilities

Enhanced EDR/XDR with data control

Utilize extensive XDR capabilities like workbench visibility, detection model management, advanced search capabilities, and more while ensuring complete data control.


Enriched network visibility

NDR with Deep Discovery Inspector integration

Integrate Trend Vision One SPC with Trend Vision One™ – Deep Discovery™ Inspector to enhance security with advanced network visibility and protection.  This grants your teams comprehensive telemetry, including detection logs and workbench data, bolstering their ability to safeguard your networks. 


Propel business objectives with Trend Vision One™

According to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), organizations with Trend Vision One achieve:


reduction in exposure to compliance-based fines


accelerated detection and response time


Average cost savings from alleviated risk exposure


Why customers love Trend

“Partnering with Trend offers us a platform to protect our entire environment, and we get to work with a company that’s both visionary and innovative” 

Matthew Guzzi, Information Systems Administrator, South Carolina State Library

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