Velocity and security where you work

Ensure code runs only as intended


Velocity vs. security

With the rise of cloud-native technologies, development teams can deliver more business value in less time than ever – but traditional security approaches get in the way.

Interrupted development

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Security solutions are disconnected from your cloud-native environment and tools. Addressing the security team's needs halts development productivity and disrupts your flow.


Team dynamics

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Developers and security teams have different goals and work in different environments. Accomplishing security goals shouldn’t require talking to the security team.


Obscured vulnerabilities

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Modern applications rely on code from many sources. Whether borrowing from open source or collaborating across dev teams, your code may be capable of more than you intended – and that's where adversaries take advantage.



Making security relevant

Our complete cloud security platform provides security information to the right people at the right time in the right place. Trend Micro works in your environment with pipeline integrations and APIs so you can see security issues directly in your IDE. Security doesn't need to slow you down.

Security where you work expand_more

Security where you work

Trend Cloud One meets you where you work with integrated alerts so you can see security issues in your existing tools without disrupting your workstreams.

Embrace the differences expand_more

Dev teams work differently

Developers and security teams often prefer to work independently, and Trend embraces that difference. Trend Cloud One delivers value to both teams by providing security information that matters to you in your environment.

Code that works expand_more

Code that works only as intended

The code you've written has a specific purpose of meeting a critical business need. Security ensures that your code works as intended and only as intended.

Market-leading performance

Trend Cloud One can increase ROI up to 188%

Achieved 100% protection rate

Ranked #1 in IDC’s Worldwide Cloud Workload Security Market Shares


How 500,000+ companies worldwide stay ahead of threats with Trend

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Making security relevant

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Confidence in compliance

Develop cloud architectures while meeting ongoing compliance requirements.


Velocity and security where you work