TXOne Portable Inspector

Malware scanning and cleanup tool for air-gapped systems and standalone PCs


No software installation required

By simply loading scanning software from TXOne Portable Inspector, a tool similar to a USB flash drive, you can easily detect and remove malware – no installation required. Perform on-demand scans whenever and wherever required with no impact on performance.


Easy to use

Use this portable malware scanning tool across multiple industrial control systems (ICS) and endpoint devices or launch multiple connected scanning tools on multiple endpoints simultaneously. Built-in LED lights show the status of the scan, making the process quick and convenient.


OT asset visibility with centralized management

TXOne Portable Inspector gathers asset data, including computer information, Windows update status, and application lists. Its management program gives you an overview of scans across multiple scanning tools and endpoints and can export data to CSV files.

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Seamless and installation free

TXOne Portable Inspector comes on an enhanced USB flash drive designed for the most convenient use possible with no installation needed to perform antivirus scans. This installation-free architecture gives you a very low operational footprint, has no impact on manufacturing, and can be used without voiding your ICS warranty.

Easily detect and stop malware

Use the tool at your checkpoint to prepare partners, vendors, or consultants coming on-site with a quick pre-scan. Before guests connect their potentially infected laptops or USBs to your ICS network or assets, you can easily plug in TXOne Portable Inspector and follow the intuitive on-screen instructions to seamlessly scan and secure devices. The built-in LED lights indicate whether malware has been detected or eliminated and if further investigation is required.

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Comprehensive visibility for regulatory and operational efficiency

While performing antivirus scans on target devices, TXOne Portable Inspector also compiles and integrates scan logs and asset information from multiple scanning tools, improving OT visibility and eliminating the shadow OT. Its companion management program provides a holistic view of all endpoints to create an audit trail and ensure data integrity. This allows you to keep up with industry regulations much more easily.

Transfer sensitive data with secure storage

TXOne Portable Inspector Pro Edition, a secure transporter, includes all functionalities of TXOne Portable Inspector, plus 64GB of secure storage equipped with AES-256 hardware encryption. It allows worry-free file transfer between different working environments. All files stored in the secure storage are scanned by the product's anti-malware engine and encrypted on the fly with its AES-256 encryption engine.

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