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In 2016 one of Ontario, Canada’s largest community hospitals set up a more robust security team and system. Samprati Vishal took on the challenge, becoming the hospital’s Chief Information Security Officer. Vishal’s mission was clear, create a security strategy to protect the hospital’s vital systems and data. He quickly brought Trend Micro Apex One and Trend Micro Deep Security on board as the foundation of a powerful, comprehensive security strategy. Three and a half years later this community hospital is confident with the partnership established with Trend Micro.

Trend Micro Apex Central gives me a single pane of glass. That integration is worth its weight in gold.

Samprati Vishal

Chief Information Security Officer, Community Hospital


Community Hospital


Healthcare, Hospital




Canada, North America

IT Environment

2,800-3,000 desktops, 600-700 servers. Two data centers onsite, one private cloud, one data lake on AWS.


  • Ensures that critical hospital IT systems are available 24/7
  • Empowers the small IT team with a single view into the entire IT security environment
  • Protects a newly remote workforce with enhanced security and virtual patching


Vishal inherited a complex and diverse IT environment. Hospital employees utilize more than 200 apps and a broad range of devices, including almost 4,000 disparate desktops, to conduct their work. Until recently, the hospital relied on security solutions from various vendors to protect those apps and devices. “Too much diversity created too many vulnerabilities. New threats were emerging every day, and we had no coordinated way to patch systems or remediate threats,” says Vishal.

With an IT team of three and with limited funding, Vishal needed an affordable solution that could provide single-pane-of-glass visibility into security threats and a coordinated approach to security across departments and facilities. COVID-19 added stress to the situation, as many hospital employees moved to remote work. Remote employees needed to access systems and data securely and the hospital needed to ensure the IT systems employees use were consistently monitored and patched.


When Vishal joined the hospital, he realized the organization had a Trend Micro enterprise license but was not using the full solution. After examining the incumbent security solutions, he decided to standardize on Trend Micro. “The biggest factor in that decision was how seamlessly Trend Micro solutions integrate with one another. It gives me a single pane of glass. That integration is worth its weight in gold,” says Vishal.

The decision to standardize on Trend Micro required internal changes, as he had to prove to others it was the best solution for the job. “Everyone had their own favorite security solution and what they were used to, so there was a bit of convincing involved. Senior management wanted my personal assurance that Trend Micro would cover everything. After examining what Trend Micro had to offer, I was confident it would do the job, and I gave them that assurance,” says Vishal.

We used to spend 50 to 60 hours a month dealing with security issues. Now my team can spend that time working on other enhancements to our security posture.

Samprati Vishal

Chief Information Security Officer, Community Hospital


Vishal’s team implemented Trend Micro Deep Security to provide advanced server security for physical, virtual, and cloud servers and to protect enterprise applications and data from breaches. Vishal then added Trend Micro Apex One, a blend of advanced threat protection techniques designed to eliminate security gaps across any user activity and any endpoint. Trend Micro Apex Central, a web-based console that provides centralized management for Trend Micro products and services, tied it all together. “Everything connects to Trend Micro Apex Central. I log in and it gives me everything I need in one easy dashboard,” says Vishal.

Vishal says that integration makes Trend Micro more powerful. “Trend Micro Apex One and Deep Security work together to disrupt the attack chain. Using an integrated approach, we cover the entire attack surface.”


In the three and a half years since Vishal came on board and implemented Trend Micro security solutions, the hospital has successfully protected themselves against ransomware attacks. “We have not lost any data, a single PC, or a single minute to security threats, despite the growing number of attacks,” says Vishal.

Meanwhile, Trend Micro tools give Vishal’s team the visibility they need to see emerging security issues before they become a problem, even when employees work remotely. “I can see where an employee might be exposing us to a vulnerability and fix it quickly. It gives me great peace of mind. We used to spend 50 to 60 hours a month dealing with security issues. Now my team can spend that time working on other enhancements to our security posture,” says Vishal.

The virtual patching capability provided by Trend Micro has been crucial in the pandemic, with widely dispersed workers and devices. “The very high frequency and number of threats makes it impossible to patch them in a timely manner. Trend Micro’s vulnerability protection has been a lifesaver for us,” says Vishal.

Finally, improved visibility has shown the hospital’s senior leadership that they are fully protected from cybersecurity attacks and data loss. “Their confidence in our security systems has grown,” says Vishal.


The Ontario community hospital continues to modernize its systems. Working with Trend Micro will allow Vishal and his team to continue a steady migration while ensuring the highest levels of security and data protection.

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