Certification Program in IT Security (CPITS)

Fast-track your career in IT security

The time is now

Now’s a great time to launch your career in IT Security. Cybersecurity threats are on the rise, yet by 2022 the global shortfall of cybersecurity workers will reach 1.8 million.i There is plenty of opportunity for talented, skilled individuals in this field – from software development to sales, support, and professional services.  

Committed to closing the cybersecurity skills gap, we’ve designed a paid internship program that zeroes in on both the technical and soft skills required to be successful in the field.

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To qualify, candidates must:

Here’s what our students say about CPITS

"The program provided me with the foundation I needed to achieve my goals. It was like a jumpstart and a boost to help me become successful in my career."

Fiona Asare, CPITS Graduate

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"The program changed my life, providing experience and training. It taught the latest and relevant industry and knowledge from industry professionals, who shared their journey and experiences. Along the way, you will make some fantastic friends and create a professional network that supports you for years to come.

The program opened doors for me and a career that I could only dream of before embarking on CPITS. My advice to aspiring students is to run with it. Take all the learning, experiences, and opportunities provided and enjoy the process while staying true to yourself."

Michael Mugo, CPITS Graduate, Trend Micro Customer Support Engineer

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[1] The Center for Cyber Safety and Education