Fake Job Employment Website Spam Takes Advantage of Job Hunters to Spread Malware

 Analysis by: Jona Ross Pereira

Trend Micro researchers received samples of what appears to be spammed mail tailored to take advantage of those hunting for jobs online. The spammed mail is made to look like a message from a customer service employee of careerbuilder.com, an online employment website based in the United States. It informs the reader that there is an available job position that is allegedly in accordance to the reader's resume or online application. It goes on to instruct the reader to click on the provided link for more information about the position. Should the user click the link, they will be automatically redirected to a malicious website that may drop or download malware onto their system, instead of being brought to the aforementioned job opportunity.

Users should always take extra precaution when viewing or reading messages such as this. Promising tempting offers and rewards is but one of the cybcercriminals' many tactics to victimize users. Verification should always be made before any action is taken, preferably through an offline source such as a company hotline.
 SPAM BLOCKING DATE / TIME: April 27, 2012 GMT-8
  • ENGINE:6.8
  • PATTERN:8868