Trend Micro and Snyk Significantly
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Collaboration to Solve Open Source
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Co-developed solution bridges the gap between DevOps and security
operations teams

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Trend Micro Named a Global
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Windows® Mac® AndroidTM iOS new Power Up

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This Week in Security News May 7, 2021

New Panda Stealer Targets Cryptocurrency Wallets and Apple Releases Urgent Security Patches for Zero-Day Bugs

May 07, 2021

Author: Aaron Ansari (VP, Cloud Security)

Physical Datacenter Security and Threat Mitigation

Physical security may have more of an impact on cloud operations than you think

May 07, 2021

Author: Arianne Dela Cruz (Threats Analyst), Cris Tomboc (Threats Analyst), Jayson Chong (Threats Analyst), Nikki Madayag (Threats Analyst), Sean Torre (Threats Analyst)

Proxylogon: A Coinminer, a Ransomware, and a Botnet Join the Party

Our telemetry showed three malware families taking advantage of the ProxyLogon vulnerability beginning in March: the coinminer LemonDuck was sighted first, quickly followed by the ransomware BlackKingdom, then the Prometei botnet.

May 06, 2021

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