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Identify, prioritize, and mitigate posture with attack surface management


Managing your growing attack surface

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Identifying unknown and unmanaged cyber assets

Your digital attack surface is expanding and your adversaries have taken notice. This growing target makes exploitation easier and protection difficult. It’s challenging to identify all of your cyber assets and attack vectors. Assessing and communicating risk and exposure levels is nearly impossible without full visibility into all potential attack vectors.

Explore SOC modernization

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Risk-informed decision making

Effectively monitoring and measuring risk can be overwhelming. Without continuous risk assessment, organizations are left exposed. Security leaders require visibility into key risk factors for strategic planning and stakeholder communications. With risk assessment, IT and SecOps teams are given actionable insight into how to harden defenses, reduce vulnerabilities, and avoid breaches.

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Reduce attack surface risk

Security teams are stuck in a reactive state limited by time and visibility, lacking the guidance required to preempt risks and threats. A sprawling attack surface means you can’t just optimize threat defense. You need to implement more proactive cyber risk discovery, assessment, and mitigation to make an impact before an attack.


Take control of cyber risks with ASRM

Go beyond cyber asset discovery. The Trend Vision One™ cybersecurity platform enables you to identify and consolidate your assets and attack vectors, as well as automatically assess, prioritize, and mitigate the risks associated with your attack surface. Improve your organization's risk posture with built-in zero trust and complete attack surface risk management (ASRM) capabilities.

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Continuously discover cyber assets

Eliminate blind spots with our continuous discovery of known, unknown, internal, and internet-facing or external assets. Automated identification and profiling of your organization’s dynamic digital attack surface unlock an always-current inventory of your cyber assets with the information necessary to assess risk and exposure in a centralized dashboard.

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Identify critical risks

Understand your overall enterprise risk and dive deep into specific risk factors and considerations, including asset criticality, vulnerabilities, security posture, threat activity, and exposure. Leverage automated risk scoring, trending, and industry benchmarks to identify priority security initiatives and actions.

Proactive actions

Take proactive actions

Intelligent and tactical risk insight drives mitigation actions and reduces the opportunity for breaches. Receive prioritized recommendations to lower risks and rapidly automate and orchestrate risk response across the enterprise.


Integrate with XDR

Proactive risk prioritization and mitigation benefit the SOC by reducing exposure and the potential of a security incident. Detection data across endpoint, server, workload, email, network, cloud, and identity collected by XDR provides valuable insight into attack surface threat activity and how current defenses are coping. This can inform risk assessments and response recommendations.


Tackling the growing attack surface

9 %

of organizations believe they actively monitor their entire attack surface


39 %

of organizations say the biggest challenge in managing the digital attack surface is keeping up to date with constant change

Trend Micro™ Research

23 %

can review risk exposure data daily

Trend Micro™ Research

Propel business objectives with Trend Vision One™

According to ESG, organizations with Trend Vision One:


Average cost savings from improvement in customer churn


Reduction of dwell time


Average cost savings from alleviated risk exposure

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"Having that single dashboard and [central] control that visualizes the threat patterns and the taken action on it… that’s something we’ve been asking for, for quite some time, and I think Trend has answered it and came to the rescue."
Samer Mansour,
Vice President, CISO

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