CTO Insights: Encryption Works – Don’t Break It!

The uproar from politicians wanting to gain an upper hand in encryption for their cause isn’t going away anytime soon. Their messaging has been designed to sound like anyone or any company who doesn’t want to cooperate is in cahoots with criminals or enemies of the state. However, things aren’t always as binary as ones and zeros. Politicians are no experts in encryption, yet they claim that securing an encryption backdoor would help catch bad guys, whoever they are.

In this CTO Insights video, Trend Micro Chief Technology Officer Raimund Genes talks about the issue of encryption backdoors. He believes that a secure backdoor to encryption doesn’t exist, gaining the non-existent backdoor won’t affect the bad guys, and politicians keep throwing this topic around without knowing the repercussions of their proposals in the real world.

In times where messaging is skewed, data is at risk, and voices are louder than the truth, knowledge is what we need the most. Everyone needs to know that encryption works and it doesn’t need to be broken for the sake of an empowered few who claim to want safety for all. Cyber security companies are already helping law enforcement trace and catch cybercriminals. But by forcing the issue of mandatory backdoors, politicians are asking us to break encryption itself, the very core that holds every fiber of data protection today.

Watch the full video below for more insights:


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