Take the Quiz: How Would You Fare in an Actual Data Disaster?

Data loss and device theft are common these days, given that data sells big-time in underground cybercriminal markets. This World Backup day, see if you can actually survive a series of data disasters should they happen to you.

  1. What's the first thing you would do if your device gets stolen?

  2. Which best describes your go-to password combination?

  3. Where do you back up your important data?

  4. How do you protect yourself from data-stealing malware?

  5. Do you have important files and data on your phone? Can you retrieve them if your device gets lost or stolen?

  6. How do you usually log in to your online banking or shopping accounts?

  7. How many copies do you have of your most important document?

  8. If your computer's hard drive crashed today, what would you do to retrieve important data stored in it?


It's only a matter of time before you lose your data if you don't do something about it. Brute-force password attacks are likely to work on you, and if someone does manage to steal or lock you out of your files, your backups may not be enough to bring them back.

Take action now and protect your critical data! And make sure you have copies of them stored elsewhere.

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It's good to know that you are at least exerting some effort to protect your files. You've likely set up your device’s anti-theft features properly and may be using better passwords than the word “password.” However, you are still leaving a lot of holes open for cybercriminals to get in. Just in case something happens to your devices, did you remember to back up your important files on more than two devices?

Your complacency is the key…for cybercriminals. Strengthen your defenses now!

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A slow clap, a pat on the back, a slow-motion nod, and the highest of fives to you. You've set yourself up to survive device theft and data loss. Just make sure that you always keep yourself updated on the latest methods used by cybercriminals. They do upgrade, you know, and you should too.

Be on guard and spread the word!

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