Maximum Protection with Maximum Value

Evolve your security to mitigate threats quickly and effectively


Making do with less

It’s demanding to be on the front lines in the battle against cyber risk, working tirelessly to prevent and mitigate the impact of security incidents, outages, and data breaches. Putting security into action requires navigating around the many roadblocks you face daily to keep your organization protected.

Unrelenting threat landscape

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Malicious threats and potential security breaches can come at you nonstop. This makes defending against ransomware, phishing, and targeted attacks a daunting responsibility. Overwhelmed by incidents and the urgency these threats require, it’s difficult to know what to act on. And once you’re breached, recovery takes even more work.

Complex business environments

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Protecting your network, users, server infrastructure, cloud workloads, and cloud applications can become exponentially difficult as operating models change. The rapid pace of digital transformation, a growing remote workforce, wider adoption of cloud services, more connected devices, and a disappearing network perimeter only add to the complexity.

Keeping compliance controlled

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The expanding requirements for data privacy, compliance, and insurance all necessitate the execution of the right security protocols at the right time. But you can’t afford to let these requirements restrict your users or impact business operations. Striking that fine balance can seem impossible.

Mounting risks

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Organizations are facing a growing number of cyberattacks aimed at an ever-expanding list of targets. Knowing where you’re most vulnerable, identifying the assets and activities that pose the greatest risk, and prioritizing the mitigation actions with the most impact requires constant focus.

Constrained resources

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IT security encompasses a broad scope of responsibility. You’re no stranger to relying on dozens of siloed solutions that solve discrete challenges without connecting, which can leave gaps in your security. Maximizing effectiveness and efficiency despite the shortage of time, tools, and talent can be grueling.


Protect more with less

Trend Vision One™ unites market-leading security capabilities across attack surface risk management, protection, detection, and response functions. Implementing a comprehensive IT security strategy across your security layers—network endpoint, email, cloud, and more—putting you in the driver’s seat with full visibility and control.

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Trust market-leading protection

Leverage solutions powered by world-class technology and research to keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape. With more than 94 billion threats blocked in 2021, Trend Micro’s non-stop focus is protecting our over 500,000 customers globally. Reduce breaches and minimize business disruption with holistic solutions delivered as part of our Trend Vision One platform.

Meet your needs expand_more

Security that fits the business

Embrace solutions that empower your business, not restrict it. Get seamless security across your critical resources, including your offices, the public cloud, private networks, and corporate data centers. Defend your users, regardless of device, application, network, or location. We’ll accommodate your needs today and as your environment changes.

Real-time risk assessment expand_more

Give your threat response an edge

Gain a real-time view into all your cyber assets and their associated risk factors, so you can identify where you’re most vulnerable and respond proactively. Our research means that we can do more to help you identify and prioritize vulnerabilities and the resulting remediation efforts.

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Adopt connected solutions

Connected solutions are optimized for your IT infrastructure and won’t impede performance or complicate operations. Security functions can be managed holistically to streamline administration, reducing your IT security burden. Solution support and managed services provide assistance whenever and wherever you need it.

Propel business objectives with Trend Vision One™

According to ESG, organizations with Trend Vision One:

2.43 million

Average cost savings from improvement in customer churn


Reduction of dwell time

1.3 million

Average cost savings from alleviated risk exposure

Market-leading performance

Leader in 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Ranked #1 in IDC’s Worldwide Cloud Workload Security Market Shares

Trend Cloud One can increase ROI up to 188%

Reduces operational costs by 63%

What customers say
"Trend Vision One™ covers us on all aspects, from endpoint to cloud app security, to perimeter, as well as east-west traffic inside our network."
Cody Lee,
Executive Director of Technology

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Faster, More Precise Detection and Response

XDR with Trend Vision One changes the game.


Eliminate Network Blind Spots

Trend Vision One delivers full visibility into your network.


Extend your Team

Trend Service One adds our threat experts to your team.


Maximize your value with Trend Vision One